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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TECH CHAT: Calypso Tag for traveling

Beauties and Techies!

Also always on to Go?

I have few trips planned and needed to get my gear on so I started to be on the lookout for traveling tips and gadgets.

I was introduced to a brand named Calypso Crystal which is a great innovative company located in Slovenia.


I was introduced to a brand named Calypso Crystal which is a great innovative company located in Slovenia.

What makes Calypso standout of the crowd is that they create leather Ipad/Iphone cases which can be used in combination with their Calypso Ring to open doors and  access your apartment. Another one of their clever and cool inventions is the Calypso Tag.

These colorful travel tags are made of quality leather and have the unique feature to send out your bag or suitcase location within a 60 meter radius.
The tag contains a white chip named Chipolo which allows you to also to track your luggage and saves the last location when it is out of range. As soon as it comes close you will get a notification on your phone ( if you download the app) and counts the distance until you see your bag coming in!

The battery in the chip lasts for about 6 months and can also be replaced.

How handy is the Calypso Tag for your upcoming vacation or business trip?!
I absolutely find this tag amazing and a great gadget for those who travel often!

Take a glance at Calypso's other wonderful products


Monday, May 19, 2014

FIT & FAB || Wooly Mammoth Water bottle by Hydrapak


Hope you are well!

I recently got more into eating healthy and here we go, working out!

Yes this chips and dip eating game nerd is stepping away from her Xbox and is starting to move more with her entire body than just my fingers.

I wanted to start looking for functional and fashionable workout gear, so I started with looking for a water bottle first.

Ofcourse I could get a regular one at the local sport stores but since the grass always looks greener on the other side I browsed over the world and looked around.

I stumbled upon a great brand named Hydrapak which offers various water bottles such as the Gelbot which is used to seperately store and mix your sportsgel with water. I got their latest bottle named  Wooley Mammoth and I absolutely love it!

It's super light weight and keeps my ice water cold enough to last my entire workout.
When I look inside the bottle I see sort of a fabric material of which I'm sure keeps everything cold for a good period of time.

The Wooly Mammoth bottle can be purchased for a very good price on the website of HYDRAPAK

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BEAUTY || Anatomicals Product Review


Today I want introduce you to Anatomicals the coolest bath and body brand I know

No Old Bags allowed Eye Gel

This great eye cream has a tightening effect that you feel 5 min after applying this cream.
I waited until I had a good long night out and used this cream the day after.

I felt the area underneath my eyes getting a bit tighter and indeed gave it a better look.

Puffy the eye bag slayer:

How cool and creative is Anatomicals with their names!
I haven’t giving this momma a try since it looked too good to use without being in absolute need of it!

This will be great for my dark under eye circles I’m trying to get rid of for so long.

Stop Cracking up Lip Balm:

I’m always open for trying out new lip balms since the beginning of time my lips have always been extremely dry making
It impossible to wear lipsticks because they dry out my lips quickly.
I tried this balm for a good 2 weeks and I really like the result.

My lips stay moisturized for at least half the day without touch up this is really good because it doesn’t happen often
I must be honest.

The texture of this balm is a sort of gel that glides on easily and stays for a good amount of time.
I also tried it with a lipstick and so far so good!

Help the paw Cream:

This is such a lovely hand cream not to greasy and I secretly also use it for my face if I don’t have my lotion at hand.
I’ve also been using this gently for several weeks and it does the job as promised.

Apart from dry lips I also have really dry hands and this cream works for me.
I use it once a day so don’t need to re-apply more cream on my hands during the day so I guess that’s a big plus here!

Overall Verdict:

I was already introduced to Anatomicals before and I like the creative names and remedies for all our “girl problems”

10 I have no problems with any of the products I’ve tried with that I mean no rashes or bad reactions.


Good, the products are absolutely well prices they are not too expensive and do a lot more that other
Products I’ve tried which were more expensive.

With a small amount of money you get yourself  a nice Anatomicals kit which will last you for months!

Check out more of ANATOMICALS HERE 

Have you used a product of Anatomicals before?