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TRAVEL || In this hotel you can have breakfast with real giraffes

when we heard about Giraffe Manor, we were immediately very excited. Why? This is a safari hotel in Kenya and one of the permanent residents are giraffes! What makes it even better is that they very often their long neck through the window will stabbing inside to eat a bite of your meal."The most fascinating thing about Giraffe Manor is its resident herd of Rothschild giraffe who visit May morning and evening," is therefore on the hotel website, Giraffe Minor is one of four hotels belonging to The Safari Collection.   ">Sala's Camp is a camp with luxury tents, Sasaab is close to the Buffalo Springs National Reserves where you can see among other wild animals and Solio Lodge is known for the breeding of rhinos, where you have so many of you see.

Well, go back to the Giraffe Manor, because that is of course our number one favorite. The site is also still the head of the friendly animals sometimes emerges through the window, hoping for a treat from the guests. This event is primarily a huge phenomenon on Instagram, and a lot of enthusiastic guests also share their experience in an Instagram snapshot.The tiny hotel has only 10 bedrooms, and its website states that every room has its own personality, paired with "elegant furnishings and art deco features." The breakfast is not the only time when you will encounter the animals, they sometimes visit through the windows of your bedroom. You can get some treats for the giraffes of the staff to carry them through the window. Because you have to obviously not just give your own snacks.

BEAUTY | Feather brows: nice or not?

Yup, there is a new trend going on Instagram: the feather brows. Who started the craze? Makeup artist Stella Sironen. And this is what you need to know about the trend that your timeline will take over the coming years.

As far as we thought we had all kinds of "creative" brow trends already pass by. The messy eyebrows to decorate with diamonds and highlighting. But there already appears to be creating a new hype: the feather brows.

This week makeup artist Stella put a shot on Instagram where seen her eyebrows have a visible hairline. The hairs of the eyebrow have been split in the middle and up in the form of a spring with an adhesive. Stella was very fast reactions to the pictures that were both positive and negative

A post shared by K E L S E E • M A R I E (@kelseemarie) on

FIT&FAB|| 12 Smoothie Bowl recipes that are almost too pretty to eat!

Take a look at these delicious breakfast bowl recipes!

I hope that some of you ladies are still in the breakfast time zone and can get some inspioration out of this just like me!

H&M Is Going Green By Making Clothes Out Of Poop

Have you heard?

H&M wants to produce 100% sustainable clothing and sales and to achieve that objective, H & M busy finding good alternatives for fabric and production starting from 2040.
 The fashion chain has already invested heavily in sustainable materials and their 'Conscious' collection as the outcome. And now H & M has found a new, sustainable fabric, with something called "Poop Fabric. And yes, it is just that. Fabric poo.

'Poop Fabric' is a soft and sturdy fabric which is made of cow manure. Do not worry, it will not contain any crazy odors. But how do you get it done? It is believed the cellulose (tissue) from cattle manure, and makes a firm substance of this.The inventor of 'poop fabric' is the Eindhoven Jalila Essaidi, who prefer 'Mestic' calls. And that sounds a lot less dirty, right? We look forward to when we first clothes to buy that is made of fabric. Yay for sustainability!

OOTD Thursday deadlines

Hi Lovelies,

It's been some time since I posted some looks and today I wanted to again show my AWESOME UGG DEAVAN sneakers I got from SHUZ recently!

It's been getting colder so I love a good snug and these sneakers don't just look super snug they really are super comfy and I've been gentle with them since I don't want to mess up the beautiful fur on the outside.

Today I had some deadlines and stuff to do so I rushed to the office today to get some final things in order.

So this is my outfit for today!


Christmas in coming!

And before we get into enjoying this holiday with family and friends, I at least have a lot of per-Christmas parties from work and friends to attend.

This means that these past years I needed, well wanted to get several outfits for myself.
I’m absolutely not a dress person but I since I spotted this super awesome knitted dress from Josh V I just had to get some inspiration and feedback from all of you.
These lovely ankle boots from VaiVai at Shuz combined with this warm dress a set of nice bangles and sparkly handbag to get some heads turned.

If you’re not really into walking on heels all day I would definitely switch to a pair of flat ankle boots in a biker style and go with a nice leather jacket.

SHUZ is still having an amazing sale so if you already " got the look but not the shoes" 
Take a look at their website to score some last minute heels or ankle boots for your Christmas outfit.

How are all your Christmas outfits coming along?

Let me know!

Shop these items here:

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