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FIT & FAB || 7 Bachelorette feest ideeën die fitness freaks best willen proberen

Wanneer jij “SHOTS!” schreeuwt en de bruid-to-be denkt aan tarwegras, is het waarschijnlijk tijd die die Las Vegas bachelorette trip te heroverwegen. Tuurlijk, Tarwegras is niet voor iedereen, maar een gezonde bachelorette partij kan nog steeds leuk zijn, spannend, en zelfs een beetje wild.

  1. Grijp de matten en boeken van een privé yoga-klas. Voeg een Spa Heaven kuur toe op de dag voor een compleet Yoga thema.

  1. Ga op een vakantie dat een mix van plezier en gezondheid biedt. Ga naar Relax & Rejunavate Yoga Retreat by the sea voor een strand yoga retreat, treffer van Gdansk voor fietstochten en wandelingen en paardrijden. Natuurlijk kan je jezelf ook onderdompelen in een totale geest en lichaam wellness retreat.

  1. Je vrienden uitnodigen voor een outdoor bootcamp training. Na afloop van de training, compleet de pijnlijke spieren wegwerken met een gezonde brunch met antioxidant-rijke wijn.

  1. Neem een gezonde kook of cocktail workshop samen. Leren om te hakken, dobbelstenen en warboel van de weg naar smakelijke, voedzame maaltijden en drankjes.

  1. Plan een actief weekend en de partij beginnen met een 5K, 10K, of uitvoeren van uw keuze. Om te herstellen, verwen jezelf voor de rest van het weekend met pedicures, massages en spabehandelingen.

  1. Hebben een ontspannende meisjes nacht in; een gezond diner samen koken, kunt u ontspannen met uw favoriete films, en bovenal vinden veel redenen om te lachen!

  1. Met de ultieme de-stress Wellness-dag: massages krijgen, detox in de spa of sauna, en vergeet niet het dompelbad — een ijsbad doet wonderen voor het lichaam.

TRAVEL || Welcome to Gdańsk

Like a mini-state all to itself, Gdańsk has a unique feel that sets it apart from the other cities in Poland. Centuries of maritime ebb and flow as a port city; streets of distinctively un-Polish architecture influenced by a united nations of wealthy merchants who shaped the city’s past; the to-ing and fro-ing of Danzig/Gdańsk between Teutonic Prussia and Slavic Poland; and the destruction of WWII have all bequeathed this grand old dame a special atmosphere that millions of tourists now come to enjoy.

And those visitors are coming in ever greater numbers to wander the narrow, cobbled streets of the Main Town, to gaze in wonder at monster red-brick churches, to scatter along its historical thoroughfares lined with grand, elegantly slender buildings and to wander in and out of characterful cafes, amber shops and intriguing museums. Tourism hasn’t turned its back on the water, with pleasure-boat cruises upriver and a wealth of maritime history to view in between brews at dockside beer gardens.

Though an old city with a tumultuous past, and the historic scars to prove it, 21st-century Gdańsk is an energetic place and one that's investing in its tourism future. With the best transport links in the north, it’s also an ideal launch pad for much of the Polish Baltic coast and many other inland attractions.

 For more info please take a look HERE:


FIT&FAB || Body&Fit shop MUST HAVES!

For a while, I have ditched my old go to shakes and have been trying out some products from Body&Fit Shop.

I see many different brands and checked out several reviews but I wanted to stay
To a product closer to home and wanted to try some of their products because, they have
Such a big variety of not only pre-workout shakes but also every day healthy products such as coconut butter spreads, protein snacks and so much more that is absolutely worth your time browsing through.

I think I spend at least an hour looking through their snacks only, collected a huge list of “Must Haves”, and have already tried several products you have to know about!
So definitely add some to your basket when getting some products


This is a product I badly wanted to try since I’ve read good stories about these supplements being good to increase your athletic performance. Since I’ve been working out we all get to a point that we start to see a difference but as time passes by and I guess you can say that I’m a bit impatient and asked my friend who is a personal trainer what supplements or other products I could use to increase the build-up of muscle.

He mentioned trying a Creatine powder and review after a few months and coming back after a about 3-4 months I haven’t notices a lot of difference yet but Creatine in general is a great supplement to use when being more focussed on the process of muscle build-up.

 Stay tuned for many more detailed product reviews from Body&Fit shop next week!

SHOP TIP || Elho ~ Beautiful Living

Heading for winter we are no longer thinking about harvesting our summer veggies but are preparing for winter stews.
This doesn’t mean that we are already wearing gloves over our green fingers!

I received a lovely package from Elho who is well-known for their trendy synthetic pottery and gardening products.

I personally like their pottery and garden supplies because they are classic and up to trend which makes all their collections versatile and a match to any garden and home.

They have several indoor and outdoor collections to everyone’s taste!

The items I received are from the Brussels collection which shows a variety of glossy and stylish looking pottery for inside and outside your home.

One of my favorite and absolute Elho must haves was their Green Basics  Allin1 kit!

This lovely kit comes with 4 re-writable tags and a lovely box.

I already got some herb seeds ready to plant.

Since it not too big I can easily put it in my kitchen next to window so it will at least get some day light.
With the colder days getting closer I’m sure my herbs will still do great thanks to this grow kit.

I will show you how I placed my herbs in my next post!


Did I mentioned that Elho also has an amazing Inspiration Page  full of tips and cool videos of Elho “FANS ” from all over the globe on their website and YouTube?

Go check those out because I’m sure some will be useful for a beginning gardener such as myself

Stay tunes for more as I will be showing you some of items of the Brussels collection and of course more info on my Green Basics  Allin1 kit!

SHOP TIP || Takko Fashion

I know I haven't posted in a while but don't worry there is so much more to come! I have been very busy in getting my first purchased house and can't wait to show you the results. But let's talk TAKKO first! I have been introduced to this lovely brand selling a very decent collection of clothing for men, woman and kids!

As some might remember I have a crush for anything knitted, so when I spotted this amazing blue knitted sweater I couldn't resist looking further into their collection and showing you my favorites! You will notice that the price are great compared to the very good quality of the products.

The sweater has a great and is warm enough for me compared to some knitted sweaters I have that seem much thinner. The bright blue color looks nice with my "all black everything" signature outfits, hey what can I say I'm just very into black. But I can always appreciate some color every now and then.

Takko even has a nice collection for the little ones.Since I have a baby nephew to baby-sit often I couldn't help myself to look at items for him and found a couple of items that are on my list for the "little" man.

See more items of the Takko Fashion  collection HERE

FASHION || Loewe Men’s Fall Winter 2015

Maison Milkshake is not only a fan of Loewe's extraordinaire clothing but also loves their bags. The latest collection for men shows a variety of large bags for men that absolutely deserve a place in either your men or your own collection. 

My personal love for Loewe is that their bags are large which makes it more wearable throughout the day. Take a look at their latest collection and pick your 


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