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OOTD Thursday deadlines

Hi Lovelies,

It's been some time since I posted some looks and today I wanted to again show my AWESOME UGG DEAVAN sneakers I got from SHUZ recently!

It's been getting colder so I love a good snug and these sneakers don't just look super snug they really are super comfy and I've been gentle with them since I don't want to mess up the beautiful fur on the outside.

Today I had some deadlines and stuff to do so I rushed to the office today to get some final things in order.

So this is my outfit for today!


Christmas in coming!

And before we get into enjoying this holiday with family and friends, I at least have a lot of per-Christmas parties from work and friends to attend.

This means that these past years I needed, well wanted to get several outfits for myself.
I’m absolutely not a dress person but I since I spotted this super awesome knitted dress from Josh V I just had to get some inspiration and feedback from all of you.
These lovely ankle boots from VaiVai at Shuz combined with this warm dress a set of nice bangles and sparkly handbag to get some heads turned.

If you’re not really into walking on heels all day I would definitely switch to a pair of flat ankle boots in a biker style and go with a nice leather jacket.

SHUZ is still having an amazing sale so if you already " got the look but not the shoes" 
Take a look at their website to score some last minute heels or ankle boots for your Christmas outfit.

How are all your Christmas outfits coming along?

Let me know!

Shop these items here:


Eerste ronde sale 2


Christmas is coming and I must say I have been burning a serious whole in my wallet from all the splurging I've done so far. Surely some of the items were gifts but my own name seemed to keep popping up on the list and I must say that I've never seen so many amazing sale items.'

High on my list are a pair of over-knee boots which I can wear with some new office pieces I've bought the past week.

Shuz is having a SUPER WINTER SALE and of course I was there to throw some boots into my basket.

This winter Shuz has an a great sale going on right now with up to 40% discount UGG, Michael Kors and so many more!  I got myself these lovely over-knee boots with a comfortable heel and made of good quality suede.

I recently got the Deavon UGG sneakers from SHUZ but now that they have such a nice sale going on I couldn't stop myself from checking out the website!

Take look at my latest wish list from Shuz and a lovely outfit for my office Christmas party

1. Shuz Evaluna Boots
2. Shuz Tommy Hilfiger Backpack
3. Josh V Sweater
4. Josh V Skirt

NEW IN || Back 2 Business Cards


As most bloggers know there is nothing more important than to meetup with people on events. Whether these people are bloggers or more important, people that can lead you to potential jobs and collaborations.

When I was just a blog newbie I remember being invited to events and meeting awesome people that could help to a higher level in the blogging business or someone that wanted to collaborate with me there is nothing more great than that but then the moment comes to exchange contact details I ended up having to write it down on the first paper I could find in my bag which I would loose by the time I got back home.

Also the hole thing of having to spell your name three times and repeated by the number doesn't really look that professional right?

So after a few of those blunders I made sure to always be stocked on some business cards for any occasion.

I do like to switch every now and then and this time I was due for a new set of cards and got some amazing business cards printed from

Drukbedrijf is a great place for getting your business cards printed for a good price.
The offer a good set of choices in what type of cards you want and if you want extra's such as hologram effects, UV coating and gold foil.

I also got some cool posters printed which I will show you in my next post!


NEW IN || UGG Deaven sneakers


Autumn has arrived in the Netherlands.

I've said goodbye to my summer wardrobe and pulled out my turtle necks, knitted sweaters and sheepskin pieces.

These UGG DEAVEN Sneakers from Shuz are a new addition to my collection. 

They feel absolutely comfortable even after a good long day off work and can wear them with a lot of my favorite outfits. 

I'm an absolute fan of te UGG shoe collections mainly because they run perfectly true to my size and have so many other models that can easily by worn to work. 

Pairing these sneakers with my jeggins, skinny-jeans, gray sweater and long coat for those lazy days or when going to the gym in a crop top and a bomber jacket.

Even when going for a basic look the calf hair on the sides will make sure to make those heads stare to ground.


Get your "booty" on!


Before I start I must ask you ladies, are you a bootie, sneaker or perhaps a high-heels only kinda girl?

Personally I get around just fine wearing sneakers and ankle boots if I want to be lady-like....

I always seem to be attracted to the same colors and style.

By the way I only notice these things when I take a minute, or five to look left to right at my collection when I feel the sudden urge to buy shoes...

Looking at my collection one could absolutely say that I have a thing for studs. I only seem to have biker boots style booties and of course all-in black.

I just love to shop at SHUZ because they have a good explanation on the sizes which for me is good to know and absolutely saves the disappointment.

Shuz has 19 locations in the Netherlands and an online shop where I love to spend hours browsing through their collections and is the place to be for designer shoes, bags and accessories with labels like Adidas to snugg UGG's, Michael Kors, Gabor and so much more.

This time I broke the circle and I got these lovely ankle boots by Fred De La Bretoniere.
Since I have a size 11 I absolutely wanted to share my purchase with you as finding nice shoes is
always a bit of a challenge.

But thanks to SHUZ I can absolutely get by in this fashionable world with not ankle boots but also high heels!

I got some absolute must haves from Shuz that I will be sharing with you!


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