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FASHION || Loewe Men’s Fall Winter 2015

Maison Milkshake is not only a fan of Loewe's extraordinaire clothing but also loves their bags. The latest collection for men shows a variety of large bags for men that absolutely deserve a place in either your men or your own collection. 

My personal love for Loewe is that their bags are large which makes it more wearable throughout the day. Take a look at their latest collection and pick your 


Fashion Flash || La Perla X Naomi Campbell

Maison Milkshake loves collabs, especially when they give us inspiration.
luxurious lingerie label La Perla suprised us with a collaboration with the queen of black models Naomi Campbell for their latest campaign.

Naomi rocks a stunning gold dress and many other amazing pieces such as black lace sets including stockings and suspenders. The amazing shoot has been directed by the well-known duo Mert & Marcus and is looking very promising.


Maison Milkshake loves looking fabulous no matter where we are.
The counts for going to the gym or getting ready for a quick run around town.

I can spend hours browsing through sites and mix and matching the perfect workout looks 
and stumble upon great items every time.

I'm absolutely in love with the sport collection by Escada Sport
I also need to mention my latest crush on designer Yohji Yamamoto
With any of his unique pieces you can complete any outfit and make heads turn.

The materials are soft and light and can be styled perfectly as yoga outfit. A part from sport wear the collection also offers amazing dresses and blazers which are an absolute addition to your closet. 

TIP || Staying organized every week.

This particular trick I’m sharing with you today has been hugely successful for me, so I wanted to share it here and spread the love. It has really changed how my weeks start and helped me to be super organized and productive every week.

A very wise women once told me — Olivia of Own Strengh— that she keeps Mondays completely clear.

No meetings, no lunch dates with friends, no appointments.

Olivia uses Mondays to get a ton of work done so she can set herself up for success each week. As soon as she told me this, I adopted it immediately. I protect my Mondays as much as I can. Sometimes there is a call or meeting that is important enough for me to break my Monday rule, but I try to be firm. I love the feeling on Sunday night not worrying that I forgot about something for Monday, because there simply isn’t anything scheduled except things I need & want to work on — whether that’s blog posts for the week, writing and editing articles or blog posts for my lovely clients, strategic thinking, creative work, or fitness. I use Monday to take a fresh look at the things I need to focus on that week, figure out how I’m going to get them done, and get down to work.
I think that we can all agree that the one of the hardest things about being an entrepreneur is organizing your precious time. Over time you will start to learn what works best for you, but it’s a continual evolution. I’m constantly analyzing how I spend my time and how long things take for me to accomplish and if the things that take me so much time are worth doing, or could have someone else do them (of which the answer is often, yes).

If the Monday doesn’t work for you, just pick at least 1 day or maybe a half day to plan your appointments and get shit done!

Do you have one thing that really works for you when organizing yourself?

TIP || E-mail Ettiquette.. Minding Your Manners

When people speak to us, for the most part, we respond. If someone says hello, or asks a question, or asks us to get something done, we say hello back, or answer the question, or let them know we will work on it.

For reasons we at MM can’t quite understand, everybody handles their email correspondence differently. Emails are viewed as optional. Questionable choices are made about whether to respond, and how soon.
Since email correspondence has pretty much dominated every other form of communication, there is no basis for handling it as though it does not deserve the very same attention that a face-to-face conversation calls for.

1.      Email Correspondence in a Business settings
In a legal practice setting, you will be expected to respond to emails in a timely and thorough manner. This is the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate that you are a diligent, impressive young legal expert, with minimal effort.

2. Your Email Responses
Responding to internal emails–that is, emails sent from colleagues in your office–within three hours at most. If you are delayed, for whatever reason, open your response email with an apology for the delay. If you have a good reason, state that, too (for example, you were busy working on something or another matter).
For external emails, you should always try to respond within the same day, if possible. Respond within 24 hours, without exception. If you are emailing with a client, it’s polite to respond to an email and acknowledge receipt, even if you cannot get back to the client on a substantive level yet.  You might consider an email response that says, “Thank you for your email. I wanted to let you know I received your message and that will follow-up shortly. In the, meantime, if anything else comes up, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Easy job well done and it puts the client’s mind at ease.

3. On-going Email Correspondence
When a project involves significant email correspondence throughout, regard the correspondence as part of your substantive responsibility to the case, project, or deal. Be diligent in your responses. Just think–you’re building a record about the status of the case or project you’re working on, and you want that record to reflect that you’ve done an amazing job throughout.

Address each and every item set forth in every email you receive. Where you’re being asked to do a number of specific tasks, indicate in no uncertain terms that you’re taking care of each task. Itemize for clarity. If an email sets forth several questions, answer the email in full–that is, answer each question. Don’t address one or two and neglect the others. Leave nothing open ended. If necessary, create a brief internal outline for purposes of clarity in your response.
As email is a common form of correspondence in most business practices, if your email habits are solid, this is an easy way to instill confidence and demonstrate that you are a reliable, contributing member of your team.

SHOP TIP || Hot ' since fashion collection

We all know that party-people need their own party gear.

HOT ‘SINCE FFashion is one of these awesome brands focused on the hardest party people from the Techno scene.

This fresh brand is founded in the city of ” no words but deeds”, Rotterdam and offers a collection from shirts, sweaters to suits
With awesome prints and illustrations followed by the numbers of your birth year.

I would be rocking a Hot ‘since 88 shirt because I’m sexy and I know it!

Not only can  these shirts be spotted on parties,  but they also by worn perfectly when heading out to the gym.
Another cool thing to know is that Hot ‘since also comes in children sizes, how cool is it so your baby nephew with a Hot ‘since shirt on from his year of birth!

The collection is currently offered  on various techno parties and can be also be purchased through the Hot ‘since Fashion Facebook page.

We at Maison Milkshake support Rotterdam and it's designers and hope you will too!

Like the Hot 'Since Facebook and updates of their sale locations and the journey's of the team!


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