Best Wishes || 2012 Last Wishes

Hi Lovely's

I wanted to wish you all a happy new year and give you all the best wishes in the world !

Hoping that all your goals for this year have been reached. and have plenty of new ones to come :)

I wanted to finish my last post, sharing my last 2012 must haves and reminding you that my giveaway to win the Linsey Clutch of Frenchonista worth $ 150 !!

Will end on the 14th of January to give everyone the chance to participate

Source: Udobuy
1. Sweater
2. Sweater
3. Satchel Bag
4. Shoulder Bag
5. Tweed Coat
6. Sweater

Frenchonista Introduction || GIVEAWAY Linsey's CLUTCH ! [CLOSED]

Hi Lovely's !!


Hope you are all well !

I've been waiting for so long and can finally announce that I have started a collaboration with Frenchonista !

You might have already seen a picture of her on my blog when we attended the Elin Kling event by Marciano.

Her name is Samia Taika, born in Normandy, France and living in Amsterdam.
She is the designer of the Frenchonista accessory line that today has 2 shoppers, 15 clutches and 1 multifunctional leather dress. 
Her clutches are designed in Europe, handmade in Morocco and possess the understated elegance that makes them appropriate as a finishing touch for any look you want to create.
Frenchonista is being represented by some amazing women such as actress Carolien Spoor and writer Beertje van Beers, that have chosen to wear my clutches at red carpet events and other public occasions. 

I was so happy when I got in contact with Samia and got the opportunity to show off her amazing clutches and to be able to give you a little surprise for Christmas and new year !

The Linsey' s Clutch worth  119,95 !!!

This contest will be starting today at 12:00 and will end on the 14th of January

I wish you all the best of luck since this is my biggest price ever :P 


Omdat dit een speciale giveaway is deel ik dit graag ook met mijn liefe lezers uit NL
Frenchonista is een merk uit eigen bodem dus vraag ik iedereen om mee te doen :)

Veel sucess meiden !!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Source: Udobuy

1. Knitted Hat
2. Jeans
3. Cat Bag
4. Chunky Ankle Boots
5. Blouse

Friday Jingles... || Shop tip: Raanz Rockz

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you are all well since it's FRIDAY !

Today we will be having a christmas party @ work so we will leave a little early to go out to the hotel where we will be celebrating:)

How about you do you celebrate christmas on the job or at school as well ?

I recently found my long lost galaxy leggins and decided to wear them yesterday, so this was my outfit inspiration.

1. Necklace
2. Shopper Bag
3. Ankle Boots
4. Leggins
5. Sweatshirt

I wanted to let ya'll now that I'm planning a new Christmas/New Year Giveaway starting from next week so keep an eye out for it ;)

I wanted to also share the work of a friend of mine.

Her name is Ranoe and she is designer of Raanz Rockz!
Raanz ROCKS sells the most cutest lockets ever :) 
you can make your customized locket and fill the locked which is made out of glass, with all kinds of beads or other things that are meaningful to you.

I like her idea because it's not just beads but it can also be a rose leaf that my mom kept for me which was given to her when I was baby or a little stone, absolutely anything that has meaning to you.

The cool part is that everybody can order and for the Dutchies it's even possible to host a party !

Where Ranoe will teach you and your friends to create your own locket :)

Raanz Rockz is still working on their website but, do check out their Facebook page to see the collections and to drop a few likes on your favorite styles if you have the time.

Check her out here

New in || Soya Fish Sneakers

Hi Lovely's !!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I finally feel better so I went right ahead shooting my latest items and pieces!

Since I have a great surprise coming up I wanted to go through my to-do list for this year.

How about you? Do you still have some unfinished business to take care of for your blog, or maybe other things you really need to do before the end of the year?

Blogging sure did give me a few extra tasks and goals for this year and upcoming :)

So without further stalling I recently got these sneakers from Soya Fish.

Soya Fish is: a fresh brand inspired by sporty vintage shoes but very

modern in materials and colors.

 The top model of the first season is the platform, a sneaker with a very high sole, but that can be worn comfortably all day. The soles are in fact made in XL EXTRA LIGHT, a polymer which has as its main characteristic
the lightness combined with abrasion resistance, flexibility and the ability to amortize and

limit the micro-shocks to the joints during walking.

The creative designers behind this great brand are Daniele Peran and Roberto Tartufoli.
I had the pleasure of speaking with Daniele who was so friendly and helpfull anwsering all my questions.


They fit perfectly fine I must say and even with my big feet, had enough space to even go a size smaller which is great!

I love the platform which makes them a little old skool but they also walk like heaven.

Soya Fish has so many more models like the Silver- Taupe Which is a sparkly silver dunk sneaker and many more!

The good news is that they ship internationally so all my ladies and gents can get a pair that suits you ;)

Here is a little preview of their collection and my outfit ;)

source: Udobuy

1. Sweater
2. Jacket
3. Leggins
4. Bag
5. Bracelet

Embrace your curves || Cape Trend

Hi Lovely’s,

Hope you are well, and nearly ready for the weekend !
Did you already went out to town for Christmas gifts ?

I still need to hit the stores to get a gifts for my little brother and my dad.

I always find it the hardest to find something my dad likes…

In the beginning I bought things for my mom like a new coffee machine haha until I figured out that those were general things people buy for the house,
So I will surprise her with a 4 day trip to Portugal.

For my little brother and dad I still seek inspiration on everyone’s blog for wish lists!

Okay enough about gifts, there’s something else I wanted to share with you today.

Do you know I Love vintage ?
I posted about them a while back and this time they have a new great discount for my curvy ladies which I really like!

It’s called Embrace your Hips.

I something have problems finding something which fits perfectly in any way because I’m rather thin but have crazy long arms, but I can imagine it’s even harder if you are
The bigger your hip size, the more discount you get. I really liked this so I wanted to share this with you.

It’s really cool idea to reach woman like that I believe and even for tha ladies with hops smaller than 90cm, will receive chocolates from Kees Raat in Amsterdam
Which look pretty good ! Check out their website too ;)

Anyway this is for all you ladies who so happen to be in Amsterdam !

Translation for us Dutchies:

I Love Vintage (ILV) introduceert de 'EMBRACE YOUR HIPS' kortingsactie! Tijdens de december- feestmaand, van 14 t/m 23 december, kun je je hips laten opmeten in ruil voor korting. 90 cm wordt vaak als maximum gezien in de modellenindustrie en daar maakt ILV graag een uitzondering op. Hoe groter de omvang van je hips, hoe meer korting je ontvangt op je feestelijke aankoop! Wees niet getreurd; vallen je hips onder de 90cm dan ontvang je van ILV een reep chocolade van Kees Raat, de beste chocolatier in town... Een troostprijs met knipoog, zodat je je snel in mooie I Love Vintage jurk kunt snoepen. 

I purchased my cape last year when I was looking for a substitute for a long winter coat, and was in love with capes the second I saw them.

I love the ones with a big red riding hood-ish hoodie ;)

How about you do have a cape or is it something for on your wish list ?

source: Udobuy

Winter Beauty Routine|| Udobuy Sale !

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you are all well as we get ready to start a new week :)

I was reading a few blogs this weekend and I read about blogger's winter routine and makeup essentials.
I thought why not give it a try as well since I recently updated my collection :)

 I have a really dry skin so every morning I use the Dream Cream by Lush to hydrate my skin.
after that I spray a bit of the fix+ toner by M.A.C. Once my face is dry I start by applying the Deep Bisque corrector by Bobbi Brown underneath my eyes to remove the dark circles.

Once applied on both eyes I use the almond creamy concealer by Bobbi Brown to go over the corrector. I apply yellow powder from Ben  Nye to set the concealer where needed.

I use 2 shades of foundation, for the darker parts of my face I apply the Warm Almond stick foundation by Bobbi Brown and the Almond stick foundation by Bobbi Brown for the lighter areas on my face.

I use a brow brushes to comb my brows and create a nice line, where I apply high lights to the side using the creamy concealer, Next I line my brow using the spiked brow pencil by M.A.C and finish my eyes by using the perfection volume mascara by Rituals for my upper and lower lashes.

Finishing with my favorite rambling rose lip balm from Figs 'n Rouge which keeps my lips soft all day
and make sure I set my make up again by spraying a little extra of the fix+ toner.

source: Udobuy

1. Bag
2. Coat
3. Cape Sweater
4. Cross Jumper
5. Christmas Scarf
6.  Ankle Boots

New in || Fjall Raven Backpack

Hi Lovely's

Hope you are all well and hey TGIF again !

So I was looking for a new backpack to take with me to work, with enough space for all the stuff I carry around.

Here in The Netherlands East pack is a known brand for the backpacks, but because I wanted something different I went looking for something else and I found this cute  Kanken bag from Fjall Raven.

The material of the FJall Raven backpack are water resistant and it has a little mat to sit on in the bag itself which is great
because I don't like to sit on wet surfaces while I'm waiting somewhere or chilling in a park or something, so this is a extra plus point for me.

These bags come in many colors and sizes so there should definitely be one in your color :)

You can check out their website here or use the banner to get yourself a great bag like this one !!

Dutch site
International site

And as always my little winter outfit inspiration of the day.

source: Udobuy

 1. Bracelet
2 Ankle Boots
3. Satchel Bag
4. Sweatshirt
5. Pencil Pants

Elin Kling for Marciano

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you had a great weekend and I'm wondering how is the weather with you guys ?

I'm on my work now and just looked behind to see that it's snowing !
I love snow it always makes me get into that christmas vibe how about you ?

Anyway all my plans, were ruined as I have this terrible cold.

So last week I went to Amsterdam for a important.meeting which I will tell you all about soon, and to visit 2 great events.

I went to the event of Elin Kling by Marciano in the Guess store in the well known P.C Hoofdstraat in Amsterdam!

I actually really loved the collection especially the knitted pieces.

The vibe was good the music was great and I was ready to mingle, meeting great bloggers and other amazing people.

I went to the event with Samia from Frenchionista who I will tell you all about soon !!

plus a little video just to give you an impression ;)

And since I have this terrible cold I only want to think of things that keep me extra warm these day:)

 source: Udobuy

1. Boots
2. Snowflake Sweater
3. Owl Bag
4. Cat Print Sweater
5. Owl Print Sweater

Trimmed Thuesday..

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you are all well ! I have so much to do since it is my little brother's birthday tomorrow.

Because my brother is a Xbox nerd like me a 2 xbox live gold subscriptions for a year would be a good surprise and also a good exuse for brother - sister bonding ;)

For those of you that don't know I'm a game geek as well I love to scream at my other players online when I don't have any bullets left in my customized gun or killing some zombies before diner .. (yes  I have a  problem:P)

haha so sorry maybe I'm sharing a little to much for a Tuesday right ;) Anyway starting from tomorrow it will be unboxing day !!

source: Udobuy

Winter Must Haves || Favorite Items

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you all had a great weekend !

Pfew I did so many shopping in the weekends so give me a moment to take pictures and do my thing so I can show it to you :)

I want to thank everyone that responded on my problem with the reading list!
I really appreciate all the tips I got since the Google forum didn't really help much for me.

Also this week is review week because I had a lot of great things to show and took almost all the pictures I wanted now sketch, sketch,sketch and I'll show it all to you in this week !

For now I found some items I need for my ''Winter Wants'' 

source: udobuy

TECH CHAT || Thursday Trouble !

Hi lovely's !!

Hope you are all well as it is almost weekend !!

So sorry I haven't  posted but I'm working on  some nice reviews and new sketches !

So I thought maybe today I could ask everyone help with a problem I've been having for a while

Normally when I logged in to the blogger dashboard I would have a lovely list of all the blogs I follow and their latest published post.

Now it's empty and I know a few by name but I'm missing so much more and I have no idea how to get it back or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place?

Anyway whatever it is I just can't figure it out and hope that maybe one of my precious readers can help me out !

H&M's Luxury Line Set to Launch Spring 2013

Today I read something about H&M's new line called & other stories with a main focuss on shoes, accessories and beauty and all of this for the affordable prices we know them for.

I've seen some sneak peaks here and there and I'm pretty curious what we can expect but in the mean time we will have to do it with pictures and videos spread over the web such as this one :)

This is from H&M's press release:

& Other Stories is about bringing everything she can wear into one place, focusing on the whole look. We believe shoes, bags, jewellery, lingerie and beauty are key for styling and just as important as clothing.
Our collections are built around inspiring fashion stories. All our lines are diverse, ranging from masculine tailoring to feminine chic and designed to provide endless styling choices. Carefully selected materials are an important ingredient in every piece. & Other Stories aims to design lasting wardrobe treasures within a wide price range.

REVIEW || Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish

Hi Lovely's

Hope you all had a great weekend !!

To start this week I wanted to show the Sally Hansen Magnetic nail polish.
From the moment it came out I was waiting for it to try and I was so happy to get a few color to review :)

Sally Hansen has more great products but I really love this nail polish because it is something completely new and so easy.

These polished come in many colors and I will show you the other ones throughout my new posts :)

For inspiration I found another cool Geo print sweater that I just needed to style :)

source: Udobuy

1. Sweater
2. Leggins
3. Coat
4. Necklace
5. Ankle Boots


Shop @ United Nude !!

Also for us Dutchies United Fashion is holding a great sample sale starting
from 21 Nov - 11 Dec !

You really need to at least check out what kind of extraordinarily cool shoes and clothing they have
from for example designer Iris van Herpen!

Event || | AVELON 'Beautiful Different reason for a drink !

Hi Lovely's

Hope you are all well and ready because TGIF !

Yesterday my girl and I attended Avelon's 'Beautiful Different reason for a drink party
in club Chapter 21 in Amsterdam.

Even though the trip took us about 3 hours we were happy to finally arrive, mingle and celebrate their latest collection.

As we walked in this amazing club the first thing spotted my eye were these cute guys down below..
I had the to take something home to dream about right :p

I had a great conversation with the designer about the new collection which I will show you soon !

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