Little Lush Haul !

Little Lush Haul

Hi every one today I want to do little Lush haul
Because I was in the city a few days ago and I wallked by the store which is not a problem but the heavenly scent that came from the store that drew me in.

There was a sort of game going on outside where you had to throw something on the window and the winner would get to soak their hands in a pink porrage -looking liquid,
But I thought since I was already inside I might as well just buy something.

I walked around for a few minutes smelling the soaps, reading the ingredients of the
Products, untill I found my picks !

Lush tea tree water:

* Do you see the sticker with a man on it ?
That Ben.. He is the one that created my toner on the 8th of May :)

this spray is good from normal up to greasy skin,and contains oils that have a disinfection effect.
Lush also added all the essentials oils to give you that perfectly clean and refreshed skin.

This spray can be used after cleaning your face from make up or just to refresh your face on hot days :)

Oh and just one more tip from Lush:

When keeping the toner in the frige it will give an even more cooling effect when spraying
This in your face.

Late Lip Tint:

I bought this lip balm for my mum because When I try something new
I always buy something else for her to try from that product line as well,So this lipbalm is called Late Lip tint and has a light coffiebean and vanilla scent, it also has a gorgeous bronzing color
which will look the best on dark skin !

Now that I've seen how it looks, I will get one of my own and show you this in a new video !

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