My for Friday must haves !

Oh my gosh ! I’ve been so hooked up on Instagram lately it’s crazy !

I mean since last Thursday I’ve been on Instagram until late in the evening, liking cool pictures, uploading my own, but also
Answering comments back which is nice though because other people do like the picture but all of those things give me less time to work on my posts !
But that doesn’t’ t mean that I did not come up with plenty of new ideas that I want to share with you.

Since It’s already Wednesday , I want to share with you my Go Get It ! list for Friday !

You know… I always make wish lists but I stopped at page 5 because it didn’t stop ! I think it’s really because I read blogs every day.
You always see something new so, I decided to make smaller lists like which I will  be posting from time to time J

And before I forget hihi be sure to check my Instagram profile “thefashionmilkshake” from time to time!

Aztec top by New Look:

I must say that lately I seem to have created a new passion for prints
Especially Aztec prints.
This summer will be all about Aztec prints for me.

This top will go perfectly with New York-ish always wearing black style.

Cross earrings from Fashionology:

Gosh I wanted those for so long, I really like that rock chic look and
if you're a real rock chick you gotta have those earrings !

Fashionology is definitely one of my favorite web store for cool jewelry
When I don't pick out something of my own webs store so be sure to check them out here

Sporty wedge sneakers from Topshop:

I don't think I need to tell you how much they look like
The wedge sneaks from Isabele Marant, but I think I can say that this
Looks a lot like it and if you don't have the money to buy Isabel's you should definitely go for these !

These shoes have everything I want, a heel because even though I'm such a geek I do love a good heel from time to time.
And second the sneaker look! I always wear sneakers because I'm so tall it's crazy so to have the heel and the sneaker?! Is a gift from the top shop heaven.

Cross bracelet from Fashionology:

I’ m also a sucker for statement pieces and just things that stand out even if I’m wearing something simple.
This bracelet matches my style perfectly I can wear this with jeggins and a simple top, but also for work wearing a simple little black dress.

Dip Dye Pink & White blazer from New Look:

A few years back it was bleaching which I didn’t really like but the two toned dip dyed trend is something I really love.
It  also reminds me of the tunic by H&M from the Fashion Against Aids collection from my previous post.
The white and pink are so pretty when floating into each other, again if you always wear black or blue it’s a good blazer to give
You that extra pop of color in your day.
Dip Dye White & Blue shirt from Topshop:

When I think of summer I also think of Aqua.. Yes water !

I really love the ocean and water prints I see lately which is also a good print to combine with black !
This shirt from Topshop is so pretty that it is a absolute must have for my summer wardrobe.

Denim shorts from New Look:

These are just so cool !
I love the little studs it has but to be honest I’m not a big fan of shorts but I would love to wear these so here I am showing you these nice Rock-ish shorts
From New Look which I would wear with that cute dip dye shirt !


I appreciate all your lovely messages and tips !

Thank you :)

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