My most used Apps for blogging on the Ipad

I wanted to do a small post showing you where I work from every day.

I work for a Japanese company in Rotterdam as an IT Administrator meaning that I support people from the same office spread over the world
With their computer problems such as… I can’t print anymore .. I forgot my password .. Why is my screen black ?

You know .. those kind of things. But still working in the IT comes in handy because we always have new cool gadgets, and I always spend a lot of
Time on the web, which allows me to update my blog as much as I want.

I thought let me just share my essential things I use daily in life and my essential apps for blogging J

Headphones by Beats:

I really love these headphones, when I have these on I’m completely shut down from the world around me, so when I’m listening my tunes
I can get all the inspiration I need.

Ipad 3:

Well this baby was something I just got to  have when it came out.
I use to have an Ipad 1 but I tossed it to my boyfriend as soon as I had this one.
I really use my Ipad for 90% of the day there is always something I need to check or a cool app that I want, but also
When it comes to checking my blog and editing posts, so I want to show my top apps I’ m using at the moment:


This app is my most used app when it comes to posting.
Blogpress is easy to use show your unpblished posts and your published ones.
Also the adding of images from your galary is very easy to do.

Down side:
I have noticed that when I save a post and later want to read it again before I put it online , the page
Is covered with HTML tags, which isn’t a problem for me to read but it looks really messy and most of time I then switch back to my good old pc to see where I placed my text and edit it.

Blogpress is available in the app store for $4,99 dollars


This app came out promising in the app store but also reading reviews from other people.
Personally I prefer working with Blogpress but Blogsy is much more advanced.
With Blogsy it  is possible to place videos straight on Youtube or dragging your videos to your post.

Also an advantage is that Blogsy supports almost all blogging platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla etc.
That is good for me because I could also update my web site.

When it comes to adding images it gets a little bit more difficult because you need to create an picassa account to drag your photo’s in and then you
Can place them in your post, which is fine as long as you work on a Wi-Fi connection.

Overal Blogsy is fine for editing text and editing your overall posts because it has spellcheck options and when for example
You want to place text next to an image you can click an option to place your text there and Blogsy will automatically convert your text HTML ready for your blog
So it won’t look messy with a lot of spaces and stuff.

Blogsy is available in the app store for $4,99 dollars

Last but not least comes Blogger.

Yes well I used blogger in the beginning but figured out quit soon that I missed some features.
The same with Blogger when you open a saved post you see al lot of HTML codes making it difficult to find your text back.
I do find Blogger synching really fast, because when I edit something on my pc it directly shows the correct post in the app.

Blogger comes free  in the app store.

Another few apps that I use are.


This app I use to create intro movies for my video posts and where I make all the effects.
This app is extremely easy to use and is able to post your videos straight on your Youtube channel ready to watch !

This app is available in the app store for $ 4,99

·         I somethimes also use Iphoto for $ 4,99 to edit my pictures a bit.


Wow I’ve really become an Instagram fan !
This app not only has amazing filters to spice up your pictures but it also posts your pictures straight on their channel for others to see and comment.
But I also like to just use the filter and place them on my blog after.
You can tag your pictures with any word related to your shot which will make it easier for others to find and see your uploaded  picture.

Well that’s about.. What ? of course I have more apps but all in time because I use my apps for a lot of different things so I will share more of my apps in another subject.

For now I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and if you have any comments or apps that should be listed as well let me know J




  1. Hi! I'm actually also an avid fan of Instagram. I used it last year, when no one was aware of it and I never thought it was a photo diary social network until it got mainstream! Haha anyway thanks for stopping by my blog! Hit me up if you want us to follow each other! Keep in touch!x


    1. OMG then you know normally it would never interest me but seeing all those amazing pictures made me really hooked to like at night I really have to say to myself okay Janice go to bed now "like" tomorrow :)

      Of course I already followed you :)


    2. Followed you back! Let's follow each other on Instagram then? Hehe mines @tokyodoll2

  2. This is the first time I stop by your blog and I love it!! Would you like to follow each other? btw thanks for recommending the apps for blogging, I definitely need this app!!

  3. I loved your review on these different apps!
    And thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog! Yes, of course I would like to follow each other!! I'm starting now and look forward to you following back!

  4. Nice review, very interesting!
    What about following each other?

  5. i want to thank you for this informative read, i really appreciate sharing your post.


I appreciate all your lovely messages and tips !

Thank you :)

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