Review Dutch Glossybox of May :)

Because this month's Glossybox is all about afforable favourites, I really looked forward to show the wonderful items in the box:

Zoeva graphic eye shadow pencil:
This pencil is amazing everyone got a different color such as green purple, etc
But I was so happy to get the color Funky Soul which is a beautifull golden color with glitters.

I tried this out and I noticed that the tecture of the pencil is a bit jelly, which is good because when applying this under your eyes,the gold is extra visible but also makes it easier to slide from one side to another.

I will definitely buy this product in full size and experiment with other colors , the one I will place on my wishlist would be the color Blue!
I hope it is also as shiny as the golden one so I can create an aqua effect.

Glis Kur Ultimate repair mouse: this mouse brings you instant volume  !
I tried this on my hair and it worked like a charm.

Garnier BB cream:

Yes unfortunatley the BB cream does not come in my skin tone so therefore I wasn't able to test this, but what I do know is that is this one the products everybody was exited about.
This cream is a primer, concealer and foundation in one !
So this will be a perfect gift to my friend :)

If they would have it for my skin tone it would be perfect !

dr Van Der Hoog purity cleaning wipes:
This is one of the products I really, really needed !

Like I explained in my video I'm really into wipes instead of using cottons
to clean your face.

So I tried these out yesterday evening after a hot day and i noticed that the wipes are
really wet, which I think is a big chance compaired to the wipes I normally use, but my face is also much softer.
So I think I will give these another GO after I run out!

No Ad aloe after sun: this was actually an original size sample but..
Again I don't know if it is like a protection cream or really like a factor something.. ;)
But what I do know is that it smells lovely ! It's a strong scent of coconut, and even though I might not need sun protection that eassily I will put it on anyway because  smells so good !

I must say that I tried a little on my arms and they felt pretty nice so definitely try this tube !

Check out my video to see the products a bit better, and feel free to leave a comment to help my improve myself :)


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  1. Superleuk die Glossybox,
    ga ik later denk ik ook aanschaffen ;)


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