What to Wear Where... Festival

Today I'm at work doing a little e- shopping on H&M and found some pieces that I really love such as the H&M Fashion Against Aids collection.

These days I’m really in to the festival style meaning long tunics that dance in the wind, a cool floppy hat and. A lot of bracelets !

I like to always wear at least one statement piece and choose for the Snake Bite Ring.
I found mine on Ebay but there should be plenty of stores still selling this baby !

After seeing so much blogs with the sort I can fairly say that I am not a short girl so I always replace the shorts with jeggings. I must say jeggings are my new pants this year they fit well and there 's no oh which pants no it's either the black or blue one my boyfriend now says it's your day.


I appreciate all your lovely messages and tips !

Thank you :)

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