Pretty Pink- ish

Yay today one of the days I looked forward to this week , because I will work half a day today !

So when I’m home I can relax and do the thing I love the most which is shopping non -stop online, sketching a bit and make a new video !

So I was in a happy mood and pulled out my new pink skirt from 1982.

I never wore it before because.. you know me and weather right ??!! But I still did it and paired it with my wedges and turtleneck sweater ( big mistake it’s so hot already ! )

Okay so the meter is already passed 25 degrees in our room and I’m super-hot but luckily I Have this

One of the advantaged of working on a IT department  J Always new funny things coming in!

Wensday Wishes..

Hi Everyone !


Because I know I have a lot of things to do today at work.

 I still wanted to do a small post of my outfit ideas from items I found around and about.

I found the blouse and shorts from H&M !
I really like the print on these they also had the same print in really colorful blouses, but I couldn't find them anymore.

The shoes are from Zara and I think they will look a bit casual combined with the blouse over the shorts, so you will just see a little pop of the print.

And the Skull bracelet from Fashionology just because I love skulls bracelets... Keeps the rock chick in me alive I guess :)

I really want to buy these pieces so I can create this look !!

The boots are from TopShop and Evil Eye bracelet again from Fashionology !

The Fedora hat ..I don't remember I had to search for a while but the Aztec bag is from Asos btw still looking for the perfect Aztec print backpack like the one from Asos.

So if you have any ideas let me know !

Rainy but not so plainy !

Today was rainy but on that certain day I choose not be plainy !

I wanted to wear my last thrift buy from last saturday,but had to wait due to the bad weather.

I don't really buy a lot of dresses but I was due for a new "Little Black Dress"

So I didn't buy my usual set of cardigans and choose the dress !

The pink bag I got from my manager on my business trip in South Hampton !

And yes under those looong legs I wore my new heels I talked about in my previous post !

Of course on this picture you can't see me almost falling, it was a bit hard to edit so I'll spare you that moment :P

But for the time being just standing and sitting on my friend's couch works good enough for me :)



High Heel Workout Diary

Hi Everyone !

Today I wanted share my new workout !

Or at least what I'm planning to do for months but now finally broke my habbits.

To start at the beginning I already talked about loving high heels owning a store specialized in high heels but can't walk in them..

So I heard about joining workshops where you can take group lessons to learn to walk in heels but ! since im not really a group activity person I checked around and found two ladies giving group lessons and have their own workout dvd !

This High Heel Workout dvd teaches you to walk the walk in heels and also teaches you things you do on a daily basis such as running elegant to catch the bus like me or ,standing and sitting graceusly.

So once I got the dvd I already made a small head start and tried it for 2 hours ! It was pretty hard as the video first begins with a workout on sneakers where I continued to the acctual lessons in 9 inch heels.

In the end my feet were sore,but I had a much better understanding in how to at least place your foot in order to walk without to much pain !

So what I will do because I myself am so currious if I will ne able to learn

To walk in heels after a few weeks/months of practice with this dvd !

So I will try to give an update from time time maybe with a video ( which will look so embarrasing) or just a funny story :)



Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie van mijn review !

Check out my English version of my review here !


Sunday's Smoothness

I'm not really much of a time planner.... Otherwise I would have been in time posting my Friday Favourites.

But better late then never, I wanted to post friday but it was like 23:45 so I thought once done it would be Saturday so, today I wanted to post my Friday fav's and I'm almost done editing my new video so check out my blog later to see what review I'll be giving ! :)




Unboxing June's Glossybox !

Yay everyone !

My Glossybox was amazing ! Again a lot of useful items such as:

Figs & Rouge Balm:

This is a 100% natural balm for you lips and face !
It consists out of natural Shea butters and I tried it today when I went out and my lips weren't dry at all which is really big news for me because I always have dry lips probably from talking so much...

Biotherm - Lait Solaire:
This is a sun protecting lotion which smells so lemony ! This is one of those products that won't do anything special for my skin type but does miracles for my boyfriend who get's crispy during summer haha ( no just kidding) !

Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray:
This spray gives you that beach hair you love without going to the beach !
Alessandro Heel Rescue Balm:
Is it a plane ? Is it a bird no it's Alessandro heel balm to the rescue !
So for this test I massaged this lotion on my feet and walked my heels, not my highest of course im still half a tomboy ha-ha so wedges will do fine for me to test !
My feet felt pretty soft and as we speak my feet still feel good !

Herôme Toe Spreaders:
OMG I wanted these ! They come so in handy, you have no idea !
I'm really a child in kinder garden school when it comes to doing my nails.
I always have polish on my hands and yes sometimes even in my hair when I do my nails ! I can't help it ! :p

So that's all folks hope you liked my video as you all know less is more !

If you have the time check out my video on YouTube by clicking here

Squared style

Hi Everyone,

I don't know if I'm the only one but every day I check out blogs and sites not only to read, but also to see what I can pull out of my closet tomorrow.
Ever since I started reading blogs I daily look for new looks and style to try out the next to work or anywhere.
One of my favorite designer I keep checking pictures from is Dsquared2
There collections are always so wearable, Last years collection was also really amazing and urban.
But I checked out their lookbook I saw preppy looks with a little high school flava.
Again their are a lot of great individual pieces but the whole picture is also really easy to try yourself.
If this is not your thing you should really check last years collection which is still my favorite even though from time to time I love the look like a preppy girl :)
I really like the pink,blue and leopard pumps!
Again the pink is my favorite, I will definitely try this for work.
In this row I love the look with the simple denim and white blouse combo :)
I love this dip-dye knitted sweater really cool ! 

The gentle lady

Just a few editorials I came upon reading my daily feed of magazines :)

I love the flower printed Kimono and her red hair !

Ice cold but I love it !
Sometimes being a gentle lady works for me so ! I love these boy-ish looks from time to time.

Cook - a - Long video

Today I want to share my first Cook a Long video !
I wanted something sweet to eat yesterday and I instantly thought of those yummy apple pie's I bought at MC Donald’s a few years back they stopped selling it here in Holland but I could still find in countries such as Surinam and Belgium.
So I thought okay why not make them and show you how to do so !


What do you need:

· Pan to fry the apple pies

· Apples * Choose a 1 kilo of apples you prefer I normally take the red ones but they were sold out J

· Sugar

· Cinnamon

· Vegetable oil

· Pastry sheets


Wat heb je nodig:

· Pan voor het frituren van de appel flapjes

· Appels * Neem appels die je zelf het lekkerst vindt !

· Suiker

· Kaneel

· Zonnebloem olie

· Bladerdeeg

Lets begin !

1. First start by cutting the apples into small pieces

Next mix the apples together with sugar and cinnamon and leave them for a couple of minutes.

· Tip if you still need to prepare a lot of things sprinkle some lemon juice over the apples to prevent them of getting brown.

2. Next you take the pastry out of the package and place them o a baking scale or plate. Now add the apple and sugar mix on the pastry and close the top with another pastry sheet. When you’re done place them in the fridge or freezer to harden a little bit. * This give it more crisp when frying but you can also just place them right in to the pan.

3. Fire up the oil and gently add one or two apple pies. You will notice that they will get bigger and once they are brown baked to each side slip them in another bowl of sugar and cinnamon to make the crust extra sweet !!

4. Add some powdered sugar and enjoy !!


1. Snijd de appels in kleine stukjes en meng vervolgens de appels samen met kaneel en suiker. • Tip als je nog wat dingen moet klaarzetten kan je het beste wat citroensap over de appels doen zodat ze niet beurs worden.

2. Vervolgens neem je het deeg uit de verpakking en leg ze op een schaal of bord. Voeg nu de appel en suiker mix toe en sluit de bovenkant met een vel bladerdeeg. Als je klaar bent leg je ze een aantal minuten in de koelkast of vriezer.

* Dit ze een krokante smaak maar je kunt ook ze gewoon recht te plaatsen in de pan.

3. Verwarm de pan met olie en voeg voorzichtig een of twee appeltaartjes toe. * Ik gebruik in de video een soort zeef-achtige schep lepel en laat zo de taartjes voorzichtig in de olie glijden zodat het niet spettert op mijn huid !! Je zult merken dat ze groter worden, en als ze eenmaal zijn bruin gebakken aan elke kant haal je eruit en sprenkel je nog wat suiker over de kanten zodat de buitenkant ook lekker zoet is

4. Voeg wat poedersuiker toe en eet smakelijk !

I hope you love it just as much as I do :)

Please check out my video and leave a message here or on Youtube !

Click here to go to my Cook a Long Video !



Ready for Red

Today I was in the mood for red.

So I put on my red pants and was looking over some blogs to see what to combine it with.

Because the weather wasn't that bad, I didn't wear to many layers, just my boyfriends sweater, Vans and my thrift buy, leather jacket from Zigga.

I forgot to take a picture with my bag but it was the Zara shopper looks a lot like that bag, bag :P

I also found some other things online, which again expands my list of Must Haves !


So here is my outfit for today..
Nothing special, I was planning on working and then leave early of course to do some shopping at the mall.
Tomorrow I'll be up early again to go to the market with my mom, to buy vintage jackets from an older woman.
Enough about tomorrow have a good evening !!



Friday Favorites


I will be leaving an hour earlier today from work !

Thank the mighty one because today I really just wanna go shopping ! It's raining here .drag..

But luckily the stores on the internet are always open and always protected by the rain so I can shop at web space avenue for a while.

So today again my Friday' s favorites !! Hope you like them

Keep an eye out for my new sketch outfit btw I'll be posting it during the day !! 



 Aztec print nail sticker:
I really love Aztec prints, in fact I'm pretty sure that I will order these this weekend !I am looking for the perfect Backpack with aztec print, I saw one at Asos but I found it quit expensive 
so I'd rather wait and in the mean time look for another one so if you where I can find one let me know!
Christian Louboutin studded loafers:
 I don't know I liked these instantly they look comfy cool and grandpa-ish but I still love them !
 Tony Molly Ice Queen Multi Play Cream  SPF30:
 Okay before you start dipping your spoon in the bowl use it for your face first :P
This is a good product for preparing your skin for makeup while moisturizing your face with a little extra protection against the sun cause of its added SPF 30 formula.
I did hear from my friends that if you have a dry skin, this might not be the product for you so keep that in mind if you would like to have this trophy in your makeup bag. !!
 The sunny' s:
Hmm where did I see those,,, Ok truly sorry I don't'remember, keep in mind that I see a lot of things I want hahah  but the pearl one is from Lena and the flower one is from Phillips.
I love the pearl one because it looks really old skool and 60 kinda style I can see myself with these sunny' s in open comfortable car roof open madonna style !!

And the flower is just so hippie-ish I love the hippie style so this could never go wrong with me !!

Red Knitted Sweater:

I really like to have some red pieces in my closet as well so I'm thinking of buying this simple red knitted sweater do you like sweaters like these ?
The two pictures represent the current and upcoming trend. 
I love the color block wetsuit from H&M and this year will be all about leather and metals coming back !!
 So let you new inspirational ideas flow and  combine your leather pieces with something silver and make it edgy !!

Sketch & Match !

Today I was working hard on editing my outfit of yesterday on my ipad.

Okay before your keep reading even though Holland was playing due the EK yesterday,I didn't want to wear orange and I'm certainly not wearing it !

It's coral ! I bought this shirt a few months ago at Primark but couldn't figure out what color it really was untiI purchased that bag at New Look.

I had to look it up on the internet which said Coral, so Coral it is !!

Just saying because evryone outside was like YEAH Jen FOOTBALL and I was like just in the mood I guess...

On my way to work I was reading some new magazines and again found some amazing editorials and stuff

So just want to show you my favorites.

I always loved long hair like this, so cool this is the Warrior style haircut by Jason Wu.

I really need to grow my hair because I want that sexy ponytail !!

What do you think ? Are you a Warrior ?

OMG I seem to like a lot of things, and lips are one of them :P

This awesome gold lipped clutch is by Diane Von Furstenberg.
I stubbled upon these eggs in I think it was Vogue and these in general looked so familiar
So I thought let's look it up and I found out that the original designer or creator of these

eggs is the brand fabergé.
These ordinary pendants carry a small amount of 18 karat mix white gold and are called

Yalagin Blue (blue one) and the Oeuf Ballets Russes Carneval.

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M !

Hi Everyone,

Today or actually yesterday.. I read that Martin Margiela will be the new upcomming designer for H&M.
After we cooled of with some prints from Marni we can start putting new coints in our piggy banks for this new upcomming release in November.

The founder and namesake of the cult label, who was remarkable in the fashion industry for his lack of public appearances, left the brand in 2009. The brand, known for its white label, has continued to produce conceptual fashion with deconstructed garments and the teaser image for the H&M collaboration stays true to this spirit.

I looked at his upcomming collection and want to share it with you to give you a a bit of an impression what you might expect !!

* NL:

Vandaag of eigenlijk gisteren ..  las ik dat Martin Margiela zal de nieuwe aankomende ontwerper voor H&M zal zijn !

Nadat we even konden afkoelen na de collectie van Marni,kunnen we beginnen met het opnieuw muntjes gooinen in ons spaarvarken voor aankomende collectie vanaf 5 november.

Deze designer van dit label was opmerkelijk in de mode industrie voor zijn gebrek aan reclame 
Het merk, bekend om zijn white label, is doorgegaan met conceptuele mode-produceren met gedeconstrueerd kleding en de teaser voor de H & M samenwerking blijft trouw aan zijn concept !

Ik heb zijn collectie voor 2012 winter bekeken en wou deze aan jullie laten zien zodat jullie een goed
idee krijgen wat voor soor stijl we kunnen verwachten.

Ondanks ik altijd wel het idee heb dat designers die vaak crazy ideeen hebben vaak alle franjes en gekke frutsels van hun kleding moeten knippen om het een beetje op 1 lijn te houden met H&M :)

Ik ben benieuwd wat jullie ervan vinden ?!




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