Book Review: Bobbi Brown Manual

Hi Everyone !

Today I wanted to do my first book review about the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual.

I wanted to buy a good book about makeup with enough how to's and pictures for every day make -up instead of runway and glamour events kinda stuff.

It was also important for me that the book also contained al lot of examples for the darker skin types and with this book I got so much more !

The book has a lot of useful tips and starts with an explantion of all the brushes, skin types, and much more !

The book has a lot of examples of how to aplly highlights and concealer for Asian skin tones, European skin tones, you name it everyone can at least relate to one of the examples that they use.

I don't think it's nessecary to really go into the details because I think you all must have a better understanding of makeup then me...

So since I was going with the flow of the book I thought why not order a few of those brushes to really use the same types they use in the book L

So if you also want to see the brush set .. Please check out my new video for more information !

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie !

Cliek here for the English version !


  1. Great review, argh, I need an iPad. xx

  2. goeden daag :P

    Follow you now :)
    Have a nice day.Greetings Emma Wunderbar

  3. Oh, love!

    Thats a great post! I found it very useful. I have some stuff from Bobby Brown but I never though that I could find a manual. Thats wonderful. Thanks for sharing this.

    Kisses, kisses and lots of lve,

  4. nice entry, totally lurv ur video!!!
    tk cr darl

  5. Great review; thank you for sharing.

    Your blog is amazing and I'm a new follower now.


    My Bathroom Is My Castle – Beauty Blog

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  7. I love this book, it comes very handy! :) x



I appreciate all your lovely messages and tips !

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