Friday Favorites


I will be leaving an hour earlier today from work !

Thank the mighty one because today I really just wanna go shopping ! It's raining here .drag..

But luckily the stores on the internet are always open and always protected by the rain so I can shop at web space avenue for a while.

So today again my Friday' s favorites !! Hope you like them

Keep an eye out for my new sketch outfit btw I'll be posting it during the day !! 



 Aztec print nail sticker:
I really love Aztec prints, in fact I'm pretty sure that I will order these this weekend !I am looking for the perfect Backpack with aztec print, I saw one at Asos but I found it quit expensive 
so I'd rather wait and in the mean time look for another one so if you where I can find one let me know!
Christian Louboutin studded loafers:
 I don't know I liked these instantly they look comfy cool and grandpa-ish but I still love them !
 Tony Molly Ice Queen Multi Play Cream  SPF30:
 Okay before you start dipping your spoon in the bowl use it for your face first :P
This is a good product for preparing your skin for makeup while moisturizing your face with a little extra protection against the sun cause of its added SPF 30 formula.
I did hear from my friends that if you have a dry skin, this might not be the product for you so keep that in mind if you would like to have this trophy in your makeup bag. !!
 The sunny' s:
Hmm where did I see those,,, Ok truly sorry I don't'remember, keep in mind that I see a lot of things I want hahah  but the pearl one is from Lena and the flower one is from Phillips.
I love the pearl one because it looks really old skool and 60 kinda style I can see myself with these sunny' s in open comfortable car roof open madonna style !!

And the flower is just so hippie-ish I love the hippie style so this could never go wrong with me !!

Red Knitted Sweater:

I really like to have some red pieces in my closet as well so I'm thinking of buying this simple red knitted sweater do you like sweaters like these ?
The two pictures represent the current and upcoming trend. 
I love the color block wetsuit from H&M and this year will be all about leather and metals coming back !!
 So let you new inspirational ideas flow and  combine your leather pieces with something silver and make it edgy !!


  1. Hi,

    you are so right!!
    Love the online stores!!


  2. Loved the shoes and nail stickers!!


I appreciate all your lovely messages and tips !

Thank you :)

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