Giles Deacon' craziness Rocks the Runway !

OOH  Gosh where to start…

I want to share a designer with you all that I started loving since 2010 when he came out with the most coolest and for me cutest bag ever !
The Gremlin bag !! I already showed it off on my Instagram profile but because a lot of people asked me who made it thought why not give my old pal Giles here some credits for his other amazing work !

So Giles Deacon is a British designer who has worked with big names since he became known in the fashion industry and is best known for his amazingly strange but cool designs and his collaboration with Yes New Look!

Before Giles started on his own he was employed by the fashion house Bottega Veneta and Gucci but now shines on the runway without anyone’s help.

I personally love his crazy bags because he uses stuffed animals which I’ve never really seen like that.

I will admit that I  seem to like bags that draw attention because I usually dress quite simple…. This way I still have a statement piece.

I won’t be showing you my favorite Gremlin bag but I will show you some other cool bags which he also made in collaborations with for example Converse All stars.

Below I also have a few pictures of his Spring collection of 2012
Showing beautiful prints and fur.

My favorite in these is definitely the pants I love it !
Don’t you think a print like that looks so pretty with simple shirts such as the baby blue one ?


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