High Heel Workout Diary

Hi Everyone !

Today I wanted share my new workout !

Or at least what I'm planning to do for months but now finally broke my habbits.

To start at the beginning I already talked about loving high heels owning a store specialized in high heels but can't walk in them..

So I heard about joining workshops where you can take group lessons to learn to walk in heels but ! since im not really a group activity person I checked around and found two ladies giving group lessons and have their own workout dvd !

This High Heel Workout dvd teaches you to walk the walk in heels and also teaches you things you do on a daily basis such as running elegant to catch the bus like me or ,standing and sitting graceusly.

So once I got the dvd I already made a small head start and tried it for 2 hours ! It was pretty hard as the video first begins with a workout on sneakers where I continued to the acctual lessons in 9 inch heels.

In the end my feet were sore,but I had a much better understanding in how to at least place your foot in order to walk without to much pain !

So what I will do because I myself am so currious if I will ne able to learn

To walk in heels after a few weeks/months of practice with this dvd !

So I will try to give an update from time time maybe with a video ( which will look so embarrasing) or just a funny story :)



Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie van mijn review !

Check out my English version of my review here !



  1. Lijkt mij erg handig zo'n DVD! Ik kan wel redelijk op hakken lopen maar niet op alle haha. En op je vraag, ik ga met vrienden gewoon in Nederland op vakantie, later in de vakantie naar Kroatië. :)

  2. oh so cool :D i will buy it too :D

  3. Hope that we'll see you soon on that heels, honey!


  4. Ahaha cool!!!
    I like your blog!!! If you want come to see mine..
    Now I follow you and we can follow each other :)
    let me know ;)


  5. WHAT haha, that's crazy! As in crazy good - love this idea!


I appreciate all your lovely messages and tips !

Thank you :)

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