New Idea ...Maybe ?!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not posting !! It' s not that I don' t have any ideas I just want to finish everything at once ( Not working)

So I thought let me at least tell you what has been keeping me busy.

I'm working on a little project here.. I want to make pictures of my new outfits and make it half sketch so I will be drawing my face, arms and legs and leave the rest like the example below.


I really have a good feeling about this so I just wanted to make a quick test shot @ work So please let me know what you think..

I will be making a few outfits showing full body size drawing to really give you the idea I was thinking about.

I also went to H&M yesterday I keep seeing posts where everyone was wearing their best statement necklace, and I was thinking to myself WHERE'S MINE !??

So I bought these earings and the spike necklace I'm wearing above.

My mom said why not wear them both, but personally I think it;s a little to much to wear so many spikes to work ha-ha

So I will keep my earrings for another time and place :)

Let me know what you think :)





  1. fab!!!^^
    i love the earrings ;)


  2. hello dear,thanks for stopping by my blog and yes i will love us to follow each other,i will do same if you do...cheers

  3. Great earrings! They look good on you! xoxo

  4. cute earings, follow each other?

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I appreciate all your lovely messages and tips !

Thank you :)

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