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Hi Everyone ! :)

Today .. As always, I was surfing over the web on my pink
Surfboard and stranded over some cool web shop islands
Selling some AMAZING goods !

Galaxy Lita's:

These wooden chunky heels are so cool and hear that they walk so compfy for those who walk in heels :)

They are perfect with a simple blue pair of skinny's.

Skull clutch by Alexander McQueen:

This clutch is so special, and I've been looking at one for so long !

This beautiful but pretty expensive, but so worth it clutch !

Will complete any outfit do I really have to day more ?

Cross Bracelet & Feather Necklace from Black Milk:

I just loved these instantely !

I don't know why, but lately I seem to think crosses are really cool, and feathers awsome so I want these ! :P

Galaxy Legging from Black Milk:

Make your legs long and endless like the galaxy around us ( wow that sounds really spacy ) but their so cool ! O really wanted a pair of leggings that would stand out and I think I found the one right here !


  1. great post & im in love with all of black milks leggings!! And actually their swim suits too...they are just so expensive :(


  2. Cool! Volgens mij zijn die leggings van Black Milk ook nog eens heel fijn!


I appreciate all your lovely messages and tips !

Thank you :)

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