Sketch & Match !

Today I was working hard on editing my outfit of yesterday on my ipad.

Okay before your keep reading even though Holland was playing due the EK yesterday,I didn't want to wear orange and I'm certainly not wearing it !

It's coral ! I bought this shirt a few months ago at Primark but couldn't figure out what color it really was untiI purchased that bag at New Look.

I had to look it up on the internet which said Coral, so Coral it is !!

Just saying because evryone outside was like YEAH Jen FOOTBALL and I was like just in the mood I guess...

On my way to work I was reading some new magazines and again found some amazing editorials and stuff

So just want to show you my favorites.

I always loved long hair like this, so cool this is the Warrior style haircut by Jason Wu.

I really need to grow my hair because I want that sexy ponytail !!

What do you think ? Are you a Warrior ?

OMG I seem to like a lot of things, and lips are one of them :P

This awesome gold lipped clutch is by Diane Von Furstenberg.
I stubbled upon these eggs in I think it was Vogue and these in general looked so familiar
So I thought let's look it up and I found out that the original designer or creator of these

eggs is the brand fabergé.
These ordinary pendants carry a small amount of 18 karat mix white gold and are called

Yalagin Blue (blue one) and the Oeuf Ballets Russes Carneval.


  1. Cool Outfit ,the Coral Shirt looks great with the Jacket!

    Lovely Greetings :) ,big Hug

  2. Wat tof met die tekening er doorheen! Mooie outfit x

  3. I love love your bag!! Coral is such a beautiful colour especially for summer! I have a couple of colour pieces myself :)


I appreciate all your lovely messages and tips !

Thank you :)

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