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Hi Lovely's !

Thank you so much for all your good questions you really had me thinking on some there :)
I want to give you an update on my GIVEAWAY as well but Raffle copter is not working for me so I have to wait untill I get some help with that !!!

As soon as I hear something I will post the winner on my blog so please be patient and again sorry !!

So I collected all the questions I got and I placed them all at once so nice to meet you and I hope you will get the know me a little better after reading this !

1.      What are your hobbies

I don’t have many things I like except for blogging and watching all the horror movies in the world haha but I like to go flow boarding!

2.      Can you promote my blog

3.     Where does your blog's name come from

Even though I have such a big imagination I had a hard time coming up with a name.
So when I was thinking to myself…okay where do I blog about and then I thought anything that makes life as sweet as a milkshake and since my blog is mainly about fashion it just popped up in my head :)

4.      What or who inspires me regarding clothing.

I get my inspiration mostly from other bloggers and just checking out a lot of street style pictures I think the time of watching magazines of local stores is over. I check blogs and of course also magazines.
But what really inspires my is everything but I tend to be drawn more to grunge style !

5.      What is your favorite Makeup brand and do you have anything on your wish list

I must say Youtube really got me in to make-up but when I buy something it is always from M.A.C because there products go really well with dark skin.

And I love the Lush makeup products, I recently bought their purple lipstick and really want the test the other colors as well !

6.      Who’s your favorite music band ?
My favorite band also something hard because I listen to a lot of music but my current favorites are: Sompling,WeirdDough, 30 sec to Mars, Vybz Kartel and uhm Gaga :P

7.      What made you decide to start a blog

Well I love to write story’s but I also needed a storage for all the images I saved for my own inspiration, I started  blogging when I was thinking to myself I want to do something that others will love as well and also to test if I could write as good as I thought.

8.       What made you decide to have your face illustrated

Every blog has something that really says something about the blogger and I wanted to combine things I like besides blogging which is sketching, animating etc. So I thought it might be a good idea to combine sketch with my outfit pictures.

9.       How about we get rid of the comment verification

I’ve seen this subject on a few blog and personally I don’t have a problem with it but, It would be easier I do find it annoying when I have to refresh the code because I type the wrong letters.

10.  I always wanted to know what other bloggers do, aside from blogging, like are you a student/doctor, or etc.

I work in a Japanese company in The Netherlands as a Service desk administrator.
I mainly give support to my other colleagues across Europe and Africa with all their computer problems :)

11.  My question is: do you think that blogging is a growing trend in Europe

Definitely in the beginning I thought only people from for example the states were blogging until I really started reading the bio’s and found bloggers almost living across the street :P I think it is really a growing trend in Europe and also from younger ages !

12.  Whats your favorite color

Black, I always wear black or something dark blue but because some say black isn’t really a color I’d go for blue and salmon.

13.  If you could steal someone's closet... who would it be
That’s a hard one, well I think I would definitely want to raid Joanna Hillman’s closet I absolutely love her classy style, and love to use her as my every day inspiration.
Further I would love to raid other bloggers their closets because I see so many cool must haves
Just by reading blogs alone :)

14.  What's your favorite movie
Wow I’ve watches so many horror movies that I couldn’t tell you my absolute favorite but for once in my life I have a series to my wall of fame which is True Blood !
I’m hooked to that serie and am totally blocked from the world when watching it haha.

15.  What is your favorite piece of clothing

 I think that would be my latest buy which is my Elephant vest.

16.  Who would you say is your style icon? Can you re-create one of their looks

I have many style icons like Joanna Hilman, Miroslava Duma and Alice Delal are people whose style I love and I will come up with I nice post re-creating my favorite looks !

17.  What is your favorite hair style? Have you tried hair extensions
I guess I love long hair, I have tried hair extensions for many years and now I use micro rings which I totally love!

18.  What’s your favorite place to shop? And/or Where

I’m always working behind a computer so I always check online for shops and I definitely have some current favorite shops.

When it’s weekend I always go to one address in Rotterdam where I live.
There is a woman on a market selling vintage clothing so I always go by her shop to check if she has some nice cardigans or something that catches my eye.

19.  How can you describe your style in few words

I like to dress classy especially to work but love the grunge style to much to not incorporate that in my classy outfits or I try at least :)

20.   How do u see future of your blog? Or what are visions for your blog for next month’s/years...

Everything is going so fast and I’ve met so many nice people, I would like to see my blog grow with readers that keep coming back to read my stories and see my blog as an inspiration that’s all
For myself I hope to improve my content more and find a style of writing and posting that really fits me more.

21.  What do you think of DIY

I love DIY’s I think that people coming up with DIY’s are so creative and you sometimes with a little more work and less money needing to spend on the brand itself is so rewarding.

I also have a new DIY in mind but I’m still collecting the stuff from here and there.

22.  Who are your favorite fashion designers

As much as I love Alexander mcqueen and Chanel I tend to be more interested in labels with individual pieces I that are ready to wear out on the streets like Dsquared and Celine
Dsquared has such a urban street style kind of feel and Celine is more feminine and perfect for work.

23.  would you describe yourself in three words

Funny, Ambitious, Adventurous

24.  What are my favorite online shops when it comes to make-up? :)

My favorite online stores when it comes to makeup is probably Horst Lee’s store on Alibaba where I buy a lot of products and M.A.C

25.  What’s your favorite piece of accessory, one which you would never leave the house without?

Because I really love dark and mysterious things I really like to spice up my ordinary black outfits with statement pieces such as my Snake Bite Ring and my latest buy Snake Wrap Earring which I got from U Live ULove

26.  What is the fashion scene like in Rotterdam

Well I think it is now really emerging a few years ago I did not see Rotterdam as a fashionable city but now different styles are popping up and I really see some fine looking peeps walking around here now !

27.      What’s your ultimate favorite blog?

I don't know I love all blogs because they all have something that inspires me but I love to check out Karen from WheredidUGetThat

 28.      Do you have a German favorite blog?

Yes I do I love the blog of German blogger Emma Wunderbar.
She is amazingly sweet and I love her everyday outfit she posts !

29.      What are your must-haves for this fall?

Something with a metallic color, sequins and more knitted pieces ! Oh and before I forget I want to have something in Burgundy :)

 30.      What's the coolest thing about being a blogger?

Meeting new people and have a better inside on trends and of course collaborations are also cool to do when you have the opportunity!


  1. Great post, it's nice to know more about you :)

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  4. I got that a lot for wearing Black. I don't see why Black cannot be a color favorite. I love watching horror flicks too, btw.

    1. Tell me about it Black is just my color :P omg then we should definitely check out one some day ;) There are a few good ones coming up ;)


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