Style..with a bite

Hi Lovely's!

Hope you are all well!

Oh my gosh today is one of my favorite days Haloween !
Since I'm definitely a child of darkness, will today be all about my favorite horror flicks and other creepy stuff.

Unfortunately Halloween is not celebrated as big as in the states but hey I try to make the best out of it!

Do you have any plans or made a list of movies that you should see tonight ?

* all items are styled from Udobuy

 Vamp-up your style tonight!

 Do you have any plans or made a list of movies that you should see tonight ?
and what about your outfit for those who are going out into the darkness tonight ?

My horror flick top :

1.  Sinister * not in cinema yet
2.The possesion
3. House at the end of the street
4.Twilight * Still need to watch 2 hehe
5. Constantine * Older movie but still loving it.

B is for Beads

Hi Lovely's !

Yet another day, full of plans ideas and work..

I was reading The Cut on the ipad this morning and was checking out the latest fall trends and noticed
that a lot of beads!

That was good because I already had a nice DIY project in mind using beads but I just thought let me share my personal favorites with you ! 

And I don't know how I found it on Vimeo but this is a intresseting video
so check it out when you boss or teacher doesn't catch you streaming ;)

This video is from ILLUMINATE and shows a modern dance performance about the big bang and the creation of the universe.
The thing that had spotted my eye were the LED dresses!

Monday Metal

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you all had a great weekend to and a have a good start today @ work,school or anywhere :)

Now that colder days are really approaching I can finally take out all my knits and warm socks and
start looking for nice warm pieces.
Just stopped by Udobuy , Monki and CatherinetteRings

1. Deer Pullover Sweater
2. Leather Shorts
3. Spike & Chain Chunky Boots
4. Janet Cap
5. Tess Block Cloves
6. Pyramid Bracelet
7. Satchel Bag

1. Annika Blouse
2. Dagny Backpack
3. Zonia Trousers
4. Neo Victorian Bracelet
5. Metal Toecap Boots

Frizzy Friday

Hi Lovely's !


I hope you all made your plans for this weekend ?

I know I have some things planned like a trip to the salon ( because my hair looks so frizzy)  and I'm really looking for a new winter coat, but I just can't figure out if I want a short jacket or a longer one.

Which jacket will you choose for the winter?
help me decide here ;)

What jacket will you buy this winter?

Today my inspiration was pretty casual because I have to carry a lot of boxes at work today,
don't really see myself carrying computers in my dress and heels if you catch my drift ;)

1. Sweater:
Loving the light green color on top of this sweater and I'm also really digging the bat wings.

2 Pants: 
Great pants, I keep saying I love this mint colored pants so much that I will get one this weekend!

3. Coat: 
 I really like this navy jacket because the color is easy to combine and the furry hoodie is excellent for those chilly winds.

4. Wedge Boots:

Gotta love and have a good pair of wedge boots now and then, especially when I don't want to wear sneakers or heels this is a good solution.

5. Pyramid bracelet:
It's always good to spice a more casual look with a little twist of edge.
This bracelet is perfect to at least show a little bit of your inner rebel.

* All items are from Udobuy :)

Cuplé 1 Year anniversary !

Hi Lovely's !

I was really looking forward to this weekend !

However at I also had something else to look forward to because last Thursday I attended
Cuple's 1 year anniversary !

Hip Hip Ho-ray for this amazing Spanish store !

Cuplé is special for it's beautiful collection of leather shoes and amazing clothing !

One of the thing caught my eye is that everybody van leave the store with a pair of their flavor because they have so many different styles !

I was warmly welcomed by the son and international marking director Paco Sanchez who is also the son of the designer Antonia Pastor.

He gave me a nice introduction about their brand, and all the ideas behind the current collections, and explained the meaning of their extraordinary looking logo and signature pink sole!

I also had a chance to meet bloggers from Rotterdam!

Overall everything was great and a nice surprise awaited us as a violin player suddenly started the play beautiful music, while enjoying the delicious bites being served by the models.

I couldn't help my self making a humble collage of my favorite pieces from Cuple's collection.

Oh and did I mention that they sell internationally online? check out Cuple here
or visit the store and get a personal discount of 15% !

Karel Doormanstraat 457a, 3012 GH Rotterdam

Share the love and follow them on:
 Facebook or Twitter

Hope you can help me out here, because I'll definitely note this address in my shopping spree route next week !

Have you checked out their collection before and what is your favorite piece ?

What to Wear../ Event Invitation

Hi Lovely's !

So today I wanted to share and also ask you some ideas of how you prepare
the perfect outfit for a event you are invited to.

While reading all of your blogs I sometimes see posts of bloggers attending certain events or openings.

Because press is also invited you want to look tippy- top for your possible picture and also to blend in well with the crowd present there.

I do believe that when you are invited they company likes you as a person so I don't change your style completely and make sure your outfit always has a piece of you if you catch my drift.

So I came up with a nice outfit post as an option for an upcoming event I will be attending here in Rotterdam:)

Hope you like it :)

Loving this dress so much it screams sexy but also classy when worn with different shoes and such.
I really like the power of the classic black dress and this leather one will give you a little bit more edge.
Check it out to see the shoulder details up close :)

I need to take my Ipad everywhere I go so why not carry it in this trendy pouch with zebra print !

All I need when going to an event or actually anywhere is a decent bag with a touch of glam.
this leather bag fits everything and it has nice small stars covering the entire bag to make it even more special.

Not only do they sell the most delicious macarons in the world since 1862, they also sell beautifull gift and office items with there classic logo.
This glamorous notebook is perfect for taking your notes, and so hoping to get one like this !


Every look needs a statement piece, and I thought that this necklace would go great with a dress like this ! 

How about you ?


 Have you been invited to an opening or an event before and how was your experience ?

SOS..Save our Satchels

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend !

Ah since today is Monday I was just checking Udobuy and Choies again for some new bags.
I have a party coming up and I wanted to surprise my friend with a nice bag, so here are my favorites !

Which one of these is your favorite ?

Red Backpack:

Sometimes a touch of seductive red can finish your all black ensemble so I thought that

this would be a nice backpack to take to work, Udobuy also has them in other colors :)

Beige Fur bag:

When I saw this bag I was thinking okay this bag is perfect for carrying and cuddling !

Pink Tote bag:

I really liked the baby pink color of this tote and it has enough space for stuff like binders and note books.

Mint green backpack:

In my quest for a backpack option I found this mint green bag to be the cutest of all :)

Silver Triangle bag:

I spotted this while quickly skipping a page and was amazed by the shape how about you ?

Red Satchel Bag:

This cute little satchel would be lovely for just taking a few things to your appointments I thought organizer,wallet and maybe an Ipad ;)

Black Round shoulder bag with Skull:

I'm all in shapes today I guess because I really like this round black bag especially because it has small skulls on the side and a big  skull in the middle !

Red Vintage Tote Bag:

Wow don't you just love this really old red color ? I remember suitcases from my granny looking like that too :) but overall I think it is a classy looking bag for work.

Blue shoulder bag:

On the go and needing to take all your binders in stead of just one  This is a nice bag for you :)

Triangle Starlight Bag:
Again the shape caught my eye this one has a starlight print and a nice metallic colors botom.
It might not fit much, but it will at least turn a head or two when walking by:)

Neon Satchel Bag:

Ooh me and my neon last week I wanted a neon sweater and now I want a matchy neon bag. But again this with a all black outfit is just poppin !!

Check out more bags here

Store Tip.../ Udobuy

Hi Lovely's !

How are y'all today ??! I hope well as I wont be when I come back from my dentist appointment today.
When I hear the word dentist the following image appears in my mind...

So there is nothing better to get my mind off the dentist by going on a little shopping spree.

I found a new store called Udobuy which is a store based in China selling great pieces for a very affordable price.

I found them yesterday and absolutely liked what I saw, I found some great jackets and cool sweaters that also need to be addopted by me as a member of my closet family.

So I made a small selection of what I love from their shop hoping you like it :)

Vintage Look Red Sweater:

Loving red knits these days .. or actually always :)
I like to pair this one with a black leather skirt and simple pumps or black sneakers.

Lambswool Jacket:

I was looking for a new jacket and was doubting because I really wanted a shearling coats like the one from Ugg but when I found this one I was in love and it looks so warm as well :)

Sequin Pumps:

Loving these sequin pumps to death they look so classy and is a good sister for your other pairs of heels.

Hooded Green Trench Coat:

Need something red WANTED something green ! Imagine walking in the forrest with this nice green coat and a pair of warm brown boots and a beanie.... how lovely.

Blue Knitted sweater:

I don't know why but I just loved this bright blue colored sweater, you know I always wear black or something dark so adding that with a pop of color such as this will always give good reactions.

 Black Pencil Pants:

I can't help always picking a new pair of black jeans just because it has no limits, and can be styles with everything though the pencil pants should be a little more stiffer then normal I believe right ?

Yellow Neon Sweater:

Neon is still mind as I spotted this awesome sweater in neon yellow.
like I said before adding colors like these while wearing simple black pants always gives it a little color popping ;)

Orange Pencil Pants:

With colors being so important  this season I thought why not go crazy and go for a bright colored pants like this one !

Vintage Geometric print Sweater:

I love geometric prints because I think it's edgy ! I also likes this sweaters because somewhere it has a bit of a camouflage motive what do you think ?

Vintage Red Geometric print Sweater:

A few months ago I was checking out a H&M video and there was a ladie that was making all kinds of knitted patterns and this looked just like it, you know like a Christmas gift from granny :)

For more and there is plenty just check out the Udobuy store here

New in.../ Lodinatt 2 level bag

Hi Lovely’s

This Tripping Tuesday couldn’t get any better !

I’m so happy to now have reached 1000 fashionable friends and I must say I have expanded my bookmarks extremely ha-ha
Now a days I start from one to end which keeps me busy for a few hours of saving pictures finding similar items you name it.

I enjoy reading all your blogs and really use it for my daily inspiration.
Sometimes I want to take a day off just to reply to really everything you commented because I feel it is so rude not to respond  while some else took the time!

Anyway thank you :)

Without further stalling I wanted to do a bonus post !

Let’s start with my new bag from Lodinatt !


This new bag is made from suede and vegetable leather which gives it a really classy look.
I thought the first canvas bag was a gift from heaven but this one is really perfect.

I now take this bag to work and then switch to my canvas bag when going out to meet friends !

This bag also have a large bottom compartment where you can store everything from shoes to you camera incl lens !!

If you like a bag like this one to add to your own wardrobe check them out here !

After taking a few pictures I couldn't resist making a new sketch for you.

Monday Charms...

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you all had a good weekend with enough relaxation to start this new week !

I've been working on a lot of new idea's outfits sketches, en cool tags I want to try.

I'll be showing you these this week.

Yesterday I was working on a new collage and found some nice items that represent the latest trends

such as sequins and baroque so I went online and searched for some nice pieces that would fit
well in my "Romantic" section of my closet, hoping you feel the same.

Because I totally forgot to looks for more accessories I wanted to at least share a informational story about charm braclets:

Show your affection the right way

Getting a gift for a friend or a significant other is something that should have some thought put into it. There is something about giving that gift to that person that says something about your relationship with them. If you are close to this person, then you absolutely want to show them how much they mean to you. The way to do this is to get them a gift that really means something. The charms bracelets department may be where you are looking to in short order. 

Charm bracelets are little pieces of jewellery that are more about the meaning behind them than the cost of them. In other words, they are not necessarily the most expensive type of jewellery on the market, but they do say something about the relationship you have with the person you are giving them to.

Charm bracelets are typically small bracelets that one can wear as a reminder of the friendship or relationship they have with the person who gave it to them. They are meant to show that the two individuals are bonded together. They are made out of different types of materials depending on the style and maker of the bracelet. This is something to consider before purchasing anyone a bracelet. 

Pandora jewellery is a great place to turn for these types of bracelets. Although they are also known for other types of jewellery, Pandora is not afraid to jump into the charm bracelets game. They understand that these bracelets have a lot of meaning to people, and they are willing to provide them. This can be a great place to purchase them because of the selection and quality that Pandora is going to provide. If you are looking for a specific type of look to the bracelet, you know that you are going to need to turn here for that look. There is just no point in going anywhere else for it.

Make sure that you are working towards getting the types of bracelets that you want for the people who matter to you. It is more than just a gift; it has real meaning behind it.

More Camouflage More Studs.. / WINNER GIVEAWAY !

Hi Lovely's !

OMG I finally got the @%^$ raflle copter to work and select a winner that isn't empty so without further stalling the winner of the Snake Wrap Earring is:

 Char from the xxxchar blog !

Congrats on your price and I hope you love it just as much as I !!

 I want to thank all my sexy ladies for taking the effort of joining my contest, I really appreciate that and love you even more :P

To end my post I wanted to share a new inspiration Outfit !

Rottweiler shirt:

This awesome Rottweiler print shirt from Givenchy is so cool !
These days I can appreciate shirts with prints like these because they can give a boring outfit a little more edge !

Personally I think wearing this with simple black pants is enough statement but you can always add more right ;)

Camo Jacket:

I suggest Asos Market place for camo or military jackets !
If you can't find anything this is the spot for you.
 I saw jackets in various price ranges starting from $25

Lita's Jeffrey Cambell:

Basis set that should be in your shoe closet this year I think they look quite nice underneath shorts as well :) But added them here because they have a nice heel making this tough outfit a little more feminine !

Leather skirt - H&M Sale:

I found this skirt in the H&M sale for $9,95
I really still wanted a leather skirt and thought it would look really cool with a camo jacket and Lita's

you can still find the skirt here

 Studded cap:

Wow when I saw this cap I loved it instantly, normally I'm not really a cap kinda girl but I would wear this pointed friend everyday :)

I'm still checking for a store selling these for not to much so if you are also interested let me know ;)

Must/Already Haves !


Hi Lovely's !

The last few days/weeks I've been searching for a few pieces and items to fill up some new space in my heart and closet.

I hope you like them !


Perfume travel dispenser - Horst Lee's store:

I really love this, I normally carry around huge bottles of perfume but with this perfume dispenser I just fill it up with my favorite
perfume which currently is the new fragrance from Roberto Cavalli and I'm ready to go !

Horst Lee's store sells them for about $ 3 dollars and they come in different cute colors !
you can order one here

Lodinatt 2 level bag:

This is my new love !

Just like the previous canvas version, this bag also has a compartment in the bottom for your heels
or your camera and lens.
This bag is perfect for work due to the suede fabric and again carry's everything I need for the day !

You can get this bag it the color chocolate and wine but I like this color more because I can easily combine it with my outfits.

you can get one right here

Camo jacket with studded collar:

I ordered a jacket from the Asos Market place because I was really looking for an oversized camo jacket to wear in winter with a thick hoodie

Because I couldn't find anything I checked out Asos and found this jacket which was offered by a boutique called Doll Face.

They have so many other cool jackets that I will definitely come back again !

Nivea face wipes:

I use these daily I normally used the face wipes from dr. van der Hoog but find these just as good.
I use them on my work when I want to clean up my face a bit and when I remove my make- up before I start cleansing my face.

You can buy these wipes in all drug stores I believe so try them out and let me know if you like them.

Ankle boots with a washed  off toe - van Haren:

My mum actually picked those by accident, but I had love for them at first sight they looked really old and worn, but that's what I liked
about them, they are also so comfy and I like to wear them with black jeggins and a grungy shirt.

Red check blouse:

I had this on my essentials list for a while I think this is just a nice blouse which you can style to someting preppy but also again grungy
by wearing them with leggins and creepers, or just militairy- style boots !

Kesington hair curler- Internet Shop:

My mother and I really wanted a curly wand for a while so last night I just ordered this curler from Kensignton after seeing a lot of good reviews
and YouTube video's about it.

Lush Purple Confident lipstick:

I bought this lipstick a few weeks back when I was shopping in Maastricht  ( city in The Netherlands) and I love this so much because
it really gives a dark vampy look.

get it here

Elephant vest:

I found this on one of my  Thrift Trips in Rotterdam and I found this on the market.
For me it goes well with a lot of upcomming trends such as embroids and sequins and can't to try out some new looks.

Ankle boots with glitter on the back - van Haren:

I really like these because they have this sparkly glitters on the back which I already sprayed with hair spray to keep the glitters together !
no but really I love these boots they are really comfortable and look really nice when wearing my tight jeggins and skater dress.

Purple cable knitted sweater - Primark:

I'm still looking for a burgundy sweater but when I saw this one I couldn't resist to take it!
I love knitted pieces especially with ghe colder days coming up wearing this dark purple with my blue jeans and beanie will look just fine!

Studs - friends:

Ah more studs ! I need them to fill up my camo jacket and also for my next DIY project, also if anyone knows where I can find Bedazzled stones let me know !

Cupcake maker- Whatshome:

I bought this as anither gift for my mum, you can make 7 mini cupcakes in 10 minutes, I don't know how they look just yet since
there still baking for about 4 minutes !

* If I did not place the link it is because the shops are located in The Netherlands !
All the shops I provided a link to are all shipping international :)

If you are interested in the shoes check Office, because they sell the same shoes !

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