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Hi Lovely's !

The last few days/weeks I've been searching for a few pieces and items to fill up some new space in my heart and closet.

I hope you like them !


Perfume travel dispenser - Horst Lee's store:

I really love this, I normally carry around huge bottles of perfume but with this perfume dispenser I just fill it up with my favorite
perfume which currently is the new fragrance from Roberto Cavalli and I'm ready to go !

Horst Lee's store sells them for about $ 3 dollars and they come in different cute colors !
you can order one here

Lodinatt 2 level bag:

This is my new love !

Just like the previous canvas version, this bag also has a compartment in the bottom for your heels
or your camera and lens.
This bag is perfect for work due to the suede fabric and again carry's everything I need for the day !

You can get this bag it the color chocolate and wine but I like this color more because I can easily combine it with my outfits.

you can get one right here

Camo jacket with studded collar:

I ordered a jacket from the Asos Market place because I was really looking for an oversized camo jacket to wear in winter with a thick hoodie

Because I couldn't find anything I checked out Asos and found this jacket which was offered by a boutique called Doll Face.

They have so many other cool jackets that I will definitely come back again !

Nivea face wipes:

I use these daily I normally used the face wipes from dr. van der Hoog but find these just as good.
I use them on my work when I want to clean up my face a bit and when I remove my make- up before I start cleansing my face.

You can buy these wipes in all drug stores I believe so try them out and let me know if you like them.

Ankle boots with a washed  off toe - van Haren:

My mum actually picked those by accident, but I had love for them at first sight they looked really old and worn, but that's what I liked
about them, they are also so comfy and I like to wear them with black jeggins and a grungy shirt.

Red check blouse:

I had this on my essentials list for a while I think this is just a nice blouse which you can style to someting preppy but also again grungy
by wearing them with leggins and creepers, or just militairy- style boots !

Kesington hair curler- Internet Shop:

My mother and I really wanted a curly wand for a while so last night I just ordered this curler from Kensignton after seeing a lot of good reviews
and YouTube video's about it.

Lush Purple Confident lipstick:

I bought this lipstick a few weeks back when I was shopping in Maastricht  ( city in The Netherlands) and I love this so much because
it really gives a dark vampy look.

get it here

Elephant vest:

I found this on one of my  Thrift Trips in Rotterdam and I found this on the market.
For me it goes well with a lot of upcomming trends such as embroids and sequins and can't to try out some new looks.

Ankle boots with glitter on the back - van Haren:

I really like these because they have this sparkly glitters on the back which I already sprayed with hair spray to keep the glitters together !
no but really I love these boots they are really comfortable and look really nice when wearing my tight jeggins and skater dress.

Purple cable knitted sweater - Primark:

I'm still looking for a burgundy sweater but when I saw this one I couldn't resist to take it!
I love knitted pieces especially with ghe colder days coming up wearing this dark purple with my blue jeans and beanie will look just fine!

Studs - friends:

Ah more studs ! I need them to fill up my camo jacket and also for my next DIY project, also if anyone knows where I can find Bedazzled stones let me know !

Cupcake maker- Whatshome:

I bought this as anither gift for my mum, you can make 7 mini cupcakes in 10 minutes, I don't know how they look just yet since
there still baking for about 4 minutes !

* If I did not place the link it is because the shops are located in The Netherlands !
All the shops I provided a link to are all shipping international :)

If you are interested in the shoes check Office, because they sell the same shoes !


  1. Camo prints seem to be everywhere... in fact I'm looking for a nice camo shirt :)
    Super cool post!

    WhiteCloset Fashion Blog

  2. Wat een ontzettend leuk collage!
    Ik vind de laarsjes en gilet super mooi :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  3. I love that elephant waistcoat, I remember them the first time round, I'll have to keep a look out for one. xx

  4. Ik vind bijna alles leuk! Vooral de laarsjes en olifantenvest!

  5. they all are really cool, I'm looking for a pair of ankle boots too! kisses!

    1. Have a great day dear! kisses!:) xoxo

  6. thank you sooo much for your comment♥♥♥
    i love your blog:)

    have a nice day

  7. THis is such a lovely collection of items.

  8. leuke items! dat vest is erg leuk!

  9. YES, zeker voor het olifantenvest en de paarse lipstick!

  10. I like your blog ! :) Could we follow each other?

  11. love the glitter boots.
    nice picks.
    great blog.wanna follow each other?

  12. I Love the boots with the sequins. Need to find a such pair

  13. I love htat purple sweater! x

  14. LOVE the army jckt!


  15. I've wanted to get a travel perfume bottle, and an atomizer or two because they are so elegant. But doesn't it take forever to sprat perfume from the prepackaged bottle into the new one?

  16. hi, thanks for visiting my blog and following! i'm now following you back. the travel perfume bottle is such a good idea - i definitely need one of those!

  17. Your blog is very interesting and so nice...would you lika to follow each other? I followed you...keep in touch sweety !!!

  18. That camo jacket is darling! You could throw it on over anything and it would add insant grunge. And those silver glitter boots are insanely adorable. Yes, I'd love to follow each other. I'm following you now!

    May the force be with you.

  19. Beautiful selection, the military jacket is perfect :)

  20. Amazing founds,Jen! and fantastic board!
    I really like your blog, so I'm following you, of course!
    I invite you to visit mine, and if you like it, I'd really appreciate if you to follow me back _, hopefully via bloglovin! Http://
    A big hug!


  21. Cool items!

  22. great picks! I especially love the purple sweater <3

  23. You have some very original picks here! My favorites are definitely the camo jacket and elephant vest!! I've been looking in vintage stores high and low for the perfect camo jacket, but haven't struck lucky yet... so thanks for the tip on where to find a good one :)

    ardena rose

  24. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog! However I can't help but notice that you've been an "instant follower" of mine for a few months now. And you always write that in the comment. I just wanted to know what does that really mean? Are you following or are you not? And if you do, do you like my blog or is is just for a follow back? If so, you should know that I don't do follow backs, only follow blogs that I genuinely love and read everyday.
    Best, Minnie from

  25. Cool)
    We can follow each other?)

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  27. Wow you have so many followers!!! So cool for you :) followed back thank you for the comment sweetie!!! Keep blogging!


  28. greats things dear!!love all!!
    thanks for your comment and follow you on google friends connect and bloglovin!!
    xoxo and have a nice day=)

  29. I really need a travel perfume dispenser, thanks for the tips!
    p.s. love the booties!

    Eau de Violet

  30. Love the blog, just followed you! :)

  31. Love the elephant vest.
    It's funny how with great clothes everywhere, the best finds often come from the thrift store, or other unexpected places.

    <3 Liz

  32. Como molan tus propuestas!

    Saludos, |Juan.M|

  33. love that vest :)

  34. Love your blog!

  35. WOW!! Great Variety... I will continue visiting this blog regularly.
    Leather Jackets

  36. I love the new bag. I think it looks adorable, and add it up with a cardigan. It's going to look pretty amazing. Also people should try on some of the new onesies for adults that I just saw on the web. It's starting to catch on pretty well.

  37. Ooo that vest is to die for! Would love for you to check out my blog as well:

  38. Beautiful clothes! :D I love the name of your blog ♥ Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :*

  39. I really want to DIY my military jacket with a jeweled collar - would look so fun! Darling little blog you have here <3



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