Trimmed Thuesday..

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you are all well ! I have so much to do since it is my little brother's birthday tomorrow.

Because my brother is a Xbox nerd like me a 2 xbox live gold subscriptions for a year would be a good surprise and also a good exuse for brother - sister bonding ;)

For those of you that don't know I'm a game geek as well I love to scream at my other players online when I don't have any bullets left in my customized gun or killing some zombies before diner .. (yes  I have a  problem:P)

haha so sorry maybe I'm sharing a little to much for a Tuesday right ;) Anyway starting from tomorrow it will be unboxing day !!

source: Udobuy

Winter Must Haves || Favorite Items

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you all had a great weekend !

Pfew I did so many shopping in the weekends so give me a moment to take pictures and do my thing so I can show it to you :)

I want to thank everyone that responded on my problem with the reading list!
I really appreciate all the tips I got since the Google forum didn't really help much for me.

Also this week is review week because I had a lot of great things to show and took almost all the pictures I wanted now sketch, sketch,sketch and I'll show it all to you in this week !

For now I found some items I need for my ''Winter Wants'' 

source: udobuy

TECH CHAT || Thursday Trouble !

Hi lovely's !!

Hope you are all well as it is almost weekend !!

So sorry I haven't  posted but I'm working on  some nice reviews and new sketches !

So I thought maybe today I could ask everyone help with a problem I've been having for a while

Normally when I logged in to the blogger dashboard I would have a lovely list of all the blogs I follow and their latest published post.

Now it's empty and I know a few by name but I'm missing so much more and I have no idea how to get it back or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place?

Anyway whatever it is I just can't figure it out and hope that maybe one of my precious readers can help me out !

H&M's Luxury Line Set to Launch Spring 2013

Today I read something about H&M's new line called & other stories with a main focuss on shoes, accessories and beauty and all of this for the affordable prices we know them for.

I've seen some sneak peaks here and there and I'm pretty curious what we can expect but in the mean time we will have to do it with pictures and videos spread over the web such as this one :)

This is from H&M's press release:

& Other Stories is about bringing everything she can wear into one place, focusing on the whole look. We believe shoes, bags, jewellery, lingerie and beauty are key for styling and just as important as clothing.
Our collections are built around inspiring fashion stories. All our lines are diverse, ranging from masculine tailoring to feminine chic and designed to provide endless styling choices. Carefully selected materials are an important ingredient in every piece. & Other Stories aims to design lasting wardrobe treasures within a wide price range.

REVIEW || Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish

Hi Lovely's

Hope you all had a great weekend !!

To start this week I wanted to show the Sally Hansen Magnetic nail polish.
From the moment it came out I was waiting for it to try and I was so happy to get a few color to review :)

Sally Hansen has more great products but I really love this nail polish because it is something completely new and so easy.

These polished come in many colors and I will show you the other ones throughout my new posts :)

For inspiration I found another cool Geo print sweater that I just needed to style :)

source: Udobuy

1. Sweater
2. Leggins
3. Coat
4. Necklace
5. Ankle Boots


Shop @ United Nude !!

Also for us Dutchies United Fashion is holding a great sample sale starting
from 21 Nov - 11 Dec !

You really need to at least check out what kind of extraordinarily cool shoes and clothing they have
from for example designer Iris van Herpen!

Event || | AVELON 'Beautiful Different reason for a drink !

Hi Lovely's

Hope you are all well and ready because TGIF !

Yesterday my girl and I attended Avelon's 'Beautiful Different reason for a drink party
in club Chapter 21 in Amsterdam.

Even though the trip took us about 3 hours we were happy to finally arrive, mingle and celebrate their latest collection.

As we walked in this amazing club the first thing spotted my eye were these cute guys down below..
I had the to take something home to dream about right :p

I had a great conversation with the designer about the new collection which I will show you soon !

New in | Bloggers I met NOTEBOOK- Archie Grand

Hi Lovely's !

I couldn't be more exited when I got these absolutely stylish looking notebooks from Archie Grand.

I discovered the store from a friend that had a flashy notebook on his table with the

Lines, ....

I loved it, checked out their website and found out they had about .. different notebooks!

Blogger's I've met and Fashionista's I've met were the ones that spotted my eye.

Archie Grand doesn't only sell notebooks but also postcards with really cool prints!

Definitely a tip from me to go check out the notebooks to see if one is totally you!


Dude did you see that Udobuy gives a great thanks giving discount ?

Yup they do now here in The Netherlands we don't celebrate Thanksgiving but with prices like that I'll be sure to add it to my calendar from now on :P

Click on the banner to be directed to their site and pick out your favorite item :)

source: udobuy

1. Skull & Bones Blouse.
2. Lace Dress
3. Ankle Boots
4. Slim Jeans
5. Skull Gloves
6. Leather Collar
7. Vintage Backpack
8. Chunky Heel Boots

HOW TO WEAR: Fun with Fur

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you are all well :) I'm already tired and in a blue mood and the day has just started :S
but there is nothing better to cheer up my day by checking out what you are all wearing today !!

So I'll be stopping by :)

Today went out selecting a new look.

The more blogs I pass the more I see the Faux Fur Vest, and I bought 2 of them last year already
but I needed one as shown in my collage because I had a longer version :)

These vests are great to wear to work and keeps you warm  underneath your basis trenchcoat.

Do you have a Faux Fur Vest ? And how do you style it ?!

1.  Faux Fur Vest
2.  Stretch Leggings
3. Lovebird Blouse
4. Breasted Coat
5. Vintage Shoulder Bag
6. Knee High Boots

source: Udobuy

Are you a Vintage Lover ?|

"At ILV we live, eat and breath fashion history. We are providing a platform to both inspire and offer an amazing reproduction of all the great of the last century." Aldus founder Faranak Mirjalili.

This amazing store in the most popular vintage store of the Netherlands and was founded in 2006 by Iraqi entrepreneur Faranak Mirjalili.

Over the years ILOVEVINTAGE  has grown to a brand with a vision; 'to celebrate women and fashion of bygone era's'.
  For us Dutchies below is there address :)

Prinsengracht 201, Amsterdam
Ma t/m za van 9.30 uur tot 18.00 uur

How to Wear || Cobalt Blue

Hi Lovely's !!

1. Shoulder Bag
2. Floral Denim Shirt
3. Creepers
4. Lapel Coat
5. Skinny Jeans 

And a little something else I was working on was making a little collection of my favorite jewelry pieces which I spotted mostly from my Friend Ting from U Live U Love and Best Visual Jewelry 

All items are below $ 10 so a got place to gather some new statement pieces !


New Fashion Editor @Ispirre magazine || TGIF

Hi Lovely's

How are you today ?

Gosh it's Friday already and you know what that means posting free about everything I want so I thought I'll just make a little post of small things I wanted to share with you ;)

Let me first start by sharing that I am so happy to announce that I will be one of the Fashion editors of Ispirre magazine.

I'm so exited and thrilled to be able to give my input to this fresh magazine based in Australia.

ISPIRRE magazine is a quarterly digital African Fashion &  lifestyle magazine.
It publishes in depth feature articles and celebrity interviews on issues facing contemporary Africa.

I will be covering various topics related to fahion,beauty and lifestyle.

The magazine's first issue will be free for downloading so by the time it launches in Febuary I'll keep everyone posted !

 But to give you a little sneak peak of what to expect you can download the Ispirre Mockup magazine here      Or add them on twitter here

Can you handle your Equipment ?

Yesterday I spotted a video from the lovely French photographer Garance Dore after entering
the competition on WhoWhatWear where you can win the price of getting the equipment shirts for 1 year !!

This videos has so many great fashion icons that you just need to see so you'll have something to talk about ;)


Wensday Wishes || Devil Horn Beanie

Hi Lovely's!

Hope you are all well today :)

I was browsing around yesterday and found this beautiful girl wearing the awesome
devil horn beanie !
So I stopped by my favorite shop Udobuy and selected my inspiration for this look but due to the colder days I did not feel the shorts ;)

Have you spotted the Devil Horn beanie yet ?

1. Laple Coat
2. Sleeveless Blouse
3. Jeans
4. Studded Loafers
5. Devil Horn Beanie
6. Rivet Backpack

Shade of Red

Hi Lovely's !

How are you all today !!

Ah it's a new start of the week and I wanted to start with my inspiration for the day.

This morning I really wanted to go for something red and something with  stripes... What do you think ?

sources: Udobuy

1.  Triangle Earrings:
2. Black striped Sweater
3. Black Blazer
4. Red Leggins
5. Black Boots
6. Black Bag with Fur

Another I've been dying to share with you is a collection jewelry collection  from Mettle.
I loved the images as they were so extraordinary that I just had to save them and talk about it.

No Sweat for Sweathers

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you are all well !

No sweat on Friday today but sweaters!
I was just browsing around and looking for some nice sweaters and found a few but I appologize for not knowing the links anymore as I now have a problem tracking them all back !

Anyway do you have plans for the weekend ?

I don't have much on my planning but leaving the office a little early to make some pictures on locations and maybe color my hair something :)

Also checked autumn-winter 2012 première collection of Maison Martin Margiela.

What do you think about their collection and are you ready to fill up your basket at H&M ?

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