New in../ Lodinatt Bag

Hi Lovely' s !

Today I got my bag from Lodinatt which is a cute new brand in Korea !

I'm so happy to get this bag because I needed a solution for my ongoing dilemma.

I'm not really a high heel kinda girl especially not for the entire day (yet) so I always carry a non- glamorous plastic bag with me but with this Lodinatt bag those problems are history.

Because you can put your heels in the bottom of the bag, I can easily switch from high to low with plenty of space left to carry my other things around for the day.

This not the only color but I like the blue because it's a basic color which I can wear with anything and most important to my appointments and work.

If you would like your own bag check them out right here

They ship worldwide and you can buy from the Lodinatt website if you have a PayPal account.

City Trippin Maastricht ( day 2)

Hi Lovely's !

We had to leave the appartment around 11 so instead of going straight back home we went back to town to buy the things we left behind.

M.A.C Concealer:

I got the mac concealer in 2 shades lighter then the concealer I normally use.

I wanted to create the Kim K look with the bright under eyes like I'm seeing so many people do on Youtube, which I love !

Bershka red computer bag:

When I was in the shop the other day I saw this red bag while standing in line.

When I came to the shop a second time it seemed to be a computer bag, but I bought it anyway because I liked it and without the straps it can transform in a chic red oversized clutch.

Pinky Waffles:

 I needed a stash of those to take back to Rotterdam !
We went to eat in a cafe nearby the station I sort of forgot the name because we were hungry and just wanted to eat :P

So I got eggs with ham & cheese and union soup !

City Trippin ! ( day 1 )

Hi Lovely's !

I came back from a city trip to Maastricht with my boyfriend,brother and mum to go shopping !

We rented a house which was so nice and big that I didn't want to leave !

I love Maastricht and I remember comming here often with my parents so I knew my way a bit :)

I found some nice things I wanted to share with you !

M.A.C Match Maker Foundation NW40:

When I was passing by the M.A.C store I couldn't help myself to not go inside.

Every time I go in I have questions apon how to create a certain look from Youtube and today I

had a question about foundation, so after a little demonstration an choosing the right skin color

Pinky belgium Waffles:

It is hard to describe the heavenly smell but I felt like scoobie Doo getting a scoobie snack !

I wish I could give you a waffle to taste this with me but it's pretty yummy !

Lush Lipstick Trust :

I went to lush as always my boyfriend tried to make me walk the other way but. You all know that

you can't ignore the smell so I again I smelled I saw and I bought a lipstick !

I wanted to buy a mac lipstick but I choose for this one because it really moist

And doesn't give me dry lips the name this color is "trust"

Bershka black cross top with tiger print:

My mom actually found this top for me and I found it perfect for my party tonight.

The material is nice and thin so perfect for spending some time in a crowded club.

What to Wear.... Beach ... avoid sand !

Hi Lovely's

So I found a online store called CoCo Fashion when I was checking a blog the other day and I loved the cute dresses and jumpsuits they have.

Coco is a Korean online fashion store selling various nice pieces !

you know somethimes when you see an item you can already come up with an complete look with that piece so I thought why not share my first idea to style this jumpsuit and ask you what you think ? :)

Let me know :)

You can find the items here:

Beige Wedge Sandals $ 14.41

Pink Jumpsuit  $ 9.24

Beige Bag $ 12.25

* White Fedora is a random picture
* Milkshake I will make you one :)



It is pretty windy today so I though why not wear this light knitted jumper from Monki

and just GOO !! ( because I was again late for the bus )

Blue Knitted Jumper Monki sale  * not on their site anymore just checked for you :(
Blue Jeggins H&M $ 15  now for sale I believe !
Chelsea Boots Clarks $ 119.95

So I will be trippin to Maastricht tomorrow to shop so hopefully I will find some nice goodies to show you all :)

For now have a great day and let me know your thoughts on my beach look  :)



New in.. / Floral Pants & 700 + new friends !

Hi Lovely's !

How are you I hope all well and warm :)

Today wanted to start by telling you how awesome you all are and how thankful and happy I am knowing you come by my blog regularly to see what I've been up to ! 

It is such a good feeling knowing that all my late knight hours of sketching hasn't been for nothing

So I thought that now, would be the best time to tell you a little more about me so here are:

7 Random facts about me:

1.I am dutch but my parents are from Surinam :)

2. I love to make jokes all day long so you can say that I have a really big imagination whahah

3. I have big feet, I'm a size 11 0_o lol

4.I am a bit of a geek because I work with computers and stuff ;)

5. I also love to work as a part- time model when I have the time.

6. Even though I might be funny I'm pretty shy sometimes :P

7.I also have a store specialized in high heels for woman with larger sizes :)

Oh and if you want to know something specific just  drop them below in the comment bar :)

So for my OOTD !

I got this lovely pants here @ Iris Knitting  for just $ 18 !

I my friends call that a bargain, I told you guys in my previous posts that I find more fun in finding similar items then just following the trend right away !

I love these pants so much and find them great for work !
Just pairing them with a simple black or white tee is enough !

Try before you Cry... Kidding I have a suprise ;)

Hi Lovely's

So today I will talk to you about one of my favorite subjects geekie things :)

I tried something new out today which might make my blog a little bit more awesome :p

I have a little suprise for you in this post but before you can see it you need to download the app Layar that is available for Android/IOS for FREE  !

If you download the application you will see that the app turned on you camera :)

No worries just point your camera to this post and see what I have for you !

Before I will really put more work in this please let me know what you think so I know if it is a DA or NAH !

This the icon you will see and it is a promising app but if you don't like just throw it in the trash after seeing this post ;)

So find the link here for Android
and here for Iphone/Ipod/Ipad 
and here for Blackberry

Pattern Palette

Hi Lovely' s !

I was thinking the other day about how my style has developed itself a bit more the last years and how much I now set goals based on trends and daily inspiration of reading your blogs.

It was really something I had to learn, because of course I knew the big designers and their collections but I never really understood how I could incorporate runway and daily street style inspirations in my own daily wardrobe.

But I recently look closer to what my personal style is and what makes me look more feminine on the right places, I used to read books about personal style and fashion in general but just recently started understanding everything I was reading for the first time and, I've never felt more certain and inspirated then before !

I also learned that there are plenty of alternatives for the more expensive brands creating a similar look.

But anyway to get back to my very not so serious self, I wanted to buy the Marni for H&M floral pants on sale but I was too late !

Even though I informed my friends I still forgot and I felt like I really missed something so I went looking for the alternative and I found these Printed Pants on the shop.

The owner of this lovely store is Vira and the name of the shop is called Vivi's 

 I really love to come by everyday and select a few things on my wish list on her site because she updates her store almost everyday !

I am so happy with these pants, because It will be my first pants with any print on it !

And it couldn't come any faster I ordered it last week and I got it already !

Again her shop is updated almost everyday with pieces perfect to create the common " as seen as " look !

Don't just read my story but also take the time to see what I mean and help me out showing me what you think is nice for my next purchase as well :)

I trust on all your different senses of style and hope you can leave a comment with your must have item of her shop and help me with my next purchase as well  :)

So Check out Vivi's cute shop here  !

Oh and that Cute Mustache ring is a gift from the U Life U Love shop check it out here:
  U Life U Love 

This is where I go for my awesome jewelry as well and normally I can' t tell you where I get my cool items from but this time I can so check it out !

Wednesday Wishes !

Hi Lovely' s !



Today I wanted to show you my other pick from Topshop while I was in London.

I really needed a skater dress to finalize my sweater over dress look and actually being

able to wear my new boots under my dress.

You know me, I like sneakers or something flat but this time I really didn't want to buy sneakers !

Before I left on my trip I wanted to order the Beatle boots from Alexander Wang, but I couldn't find

It in my size so I choose these boots I found at Clarks.

Okay so they don't have the metal heel, but the do have that stretchy fabric on the sides and a little cute heel so I' happy with them :)

These items were also one of my must buys, so I went trough my list as good as I could:p

Anyway it's been a while since I've posted my favorites, but I've seen so much though

So I love those fringe shirts so much. They give a simple outfit instant rock- glam !

With these lovely cross shorts nothing can go wrong combined with Alexander's awesome Beatle boots.

Because I always love accessories I wanted to show you this Snake Wrap Earring !

This is so cool I love the way it really crawls around your ear, seriously I cam do so much with this earring that I think you might see it back ;)

As for the skull bracelet and bucket bag, they are just the cherry on top for me a good old big bucket bag for

all my stuff I have to carry with me in case of a disaster, and well I just like skull things as well :p

25 $ Gift Certificate at Rire Boutique giveaway !

Hi Lovely' s 

The Fashion Milkshake has teamed up with Rire Online Clothing Boutique to host a world wide $20 gift certificate giveaway! 

Rire Boutique carries a huge array of fashionable clothing and amazing accessories that I'm sure all of you will love! Their mission is to "share great quality and beautiful fashion with the world!" 

I chose my top favorite items down there, but trust me, there are a lot more that I could have chosen.
 I personally love their items because they always have limit pieces so I can be sure to have something special :) 

 I hope you all enjoy browsing the newly launched store and enter my first giveaway you guys :)
Remember, the contest is open to EVERYBODY  and will be open from
 August 3 - August 17

so be Sure to get your entries in before time runs out! 

*There are 4 mandatory things you must do, so keep that in mind. 


If you cannot wait to make your purchase right now after seeing all of the amazing items?!
No problemo ! simply type in promo code "milkshake
which will take off 20% off your first purchase!

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