New Direction: Healthy Eating.


The last few months I've been seeking for replacement snacks for my fast food cravings.

I have been trying out snacks from all over the world and want to share my new healthy favorites for when I go to work or just sitting on the cough watching my series!

Let me begin by letting you know that I'm always hungry.

I always have just enough space for that third piece of that birthday cake or a midnight pizza, and it gets worse because before I started with the healthy snacks I always had fries and chicken nuggets at work, every day again, and again up till the point that I get a discount on everything I order which I think is pretty bad..

So one day I just thought it was time to slowly make a change and start looking for products that were healthy and would also give me the feeling that it would be something I could eat every day.

In one of my previous posts I mentioned getting a Bento Box which is a Japanese lunch box with multiple layers for your mini meals to go.

I got this Bento from CasaBento that has so many different boxes and assessors that it took me a few days to select the perfect one.

This was my start in getting creative in preparing healthy mini meals and snacks that I could build on through my working day.

For my first tip I want to show you these useful Bento boxes and their purpose.

Salade box:

This handy-dandy salade box is perfect to bring your favorite salads to work.

If you love salads then why not make your own and take it with you to enjoy.

Bento Box:

this 2 layered Bento box is perfect when you want to get creative and prepare mini meals and snacks that will last you through the day.

Bento for kids:

This cute little lunch box is what you need to store your octopus shapes weenies and carrot snacks for the little ones.

Cutlery set:

Whether you have a salad,soup or any basic meal this cutlery set is your own personal set to take with you.

Sauce cups:

There's nothing better to finish your yummy lunch by poring your favorite dressing over your food.

These come in sets of 5 and 20 and are small and easy to fill and store.


  1. Morning Janice! I get you very well, I am a huge food and even if I am full, have always some free space for sweets and treats. I remember well your post about the Bento Box and I think is really useful especially if you have to stay off all day for work and need a healthy meal for lunch. How cute is the one for kid! Kisses my dear! xo

    1. HI Angel :)

      Thank you so much :) I'm glad you liked these tips! Also really appreciate your nice words as always girl thank you so much and see you back on your blog!


  2. I totally support healthy eating.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    1. Hi Love :D

      Welcome to the team haha :P



I appreciate all your lovely messages and tips !

Thank you :)

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