My birthday ! || What I got and what I bought

Hi Lovely's !!

Hope you had a great weekend !

Last Thursday I celebrated my 25th birthday !!

I never really celebrate my birthday but this year all my friends stopped by and I really had a full house so in the end it was great!

I got a lot of nice gifts or coupons from H&M and Douglas which I used to buy things that were on my wish list.

From the coupons I got from a store called Douglas, I bought a small 188 M.A.C stippling brush and the Bobbi Brown lips and cheeks blush in the color  Calypso Coral.

I love this new blush and it gives me cheeks such a glowing and healthy look.

Birgit Bag by Monki:

I don't know every time I walk in to Monki I end up buying knits and bags so this was no surprise for my boyfriend when I got home..

If you like to order this bag from Monki you can find it here

Boots by Supertrash:

These should arrive this week so I hope they fit because with a pair of rain boots in a country like mine, you can never go wrong.

I ordered these boots from Zalando the prices might be different so check them out if you would like a pair of your own.

Greatness watch by Greg:

Okay I'm not really a sparkly over the top girl but I love a good bling every now and then so when I spotted this watch a few weeks ago I knew what I wanted for my birthday!

This Casio G-shock watch is custom made with about 600 swarovski crystals and really brings some glam in my life!

I can't stop watching the time :p

I have to give Greg a shoutout because his watches are amazing !

They come in different colors and it's also possible to create your custom design or even send in your G-shock watch to get is glammed up

So if you would like your own watch definitely check out the Greatness website here

Or check out his latest designs on FACEBOOK !

 More of this watch soon ! :D

I added a new restaurant to my "Hotspot" page so check out the Afternoon Tea review :)

How was your weekend did you do some shopping of your own ?

Time for Tuesday || Daniel Wellington

1. Cardigan - One Piece
2. Jeggings - H&M
3. Wedge Sneakers- Aliexpress
4. Bracelet - Chicnova

Hi Lovely's !!

Hope you are well !

You know I've never really been good with time but that doesn't stop my from loving watches as an accessorie !
I normally walk around with a big-ass silver watch but I wanted something more elegant and classy for when I'm off to work and such so when I spotted this watch from Daniel Wellington  I just had to have it !

I like the casual and classy look it has, the material is very good by the way and I have this watch in the  Rose gold and the name of the model is the Classic Sheffield.

On Facebook you can find updates on their watches, and on Instagram you can find cool inspiration pictures from others wearing this classy watch !

 Get your own watch with my special 15% discount code '"fashionmilkshake"  until the 10th of march

I also wanted to put a brand in the spot light called African Diva.

This amazing lady sells great African print inspired clutches.

I like the colors she has and of course the ethnic prints on the flap of the  bag.

For now they are only for sale through Facebook  so send her a message if you would be interested in your own clutch bag !

Avelon shop in shop launch @ Margreet Olsthoorn


Hi Lovely's !!


Gosh I'm so happy it's Friday already :) I have a lot of things to do since my birthday is comming up !

What are you're plans for this weekend ?

Yesterday I attended the shop in shop launch of Avelon at Margeet Olsthoorn in Rotterdam

Personally I couldn't be happier because Avelon is for sure my favorite brand from Dutch soil !

This brand is fresh and has grown a lot in 2 years, the collection is dark and industrial.

I love them so much because they are the modern version of Rick Owens but then closer to home and definitely affordable !

Normally I would have no problems to check them out in Amsterdam but now that I can score a dress in 30 min from home I will stopping by more often!

They are going international so soon everybody can order from Avelon too :)

I do want to share some pictures of their lookbooks so check out my "Release" page for more on Avelon.

And duh I totally understand that you can't wait to check them out yourself so take a look at their website here.

Well that's it for today :) I wish you a great and warm weekend !!

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier

Lovely's !!!

Hope you are all well !

Last Friday I attended the special preview of the Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier in the Kunsthal Rotterdam.
It would be extra special because mr Gaultier himself would be there to open the exhibition and give an interview.

I took my Frenchonista in crime Raichelin with me to this amazing exhibition which was anything but ordinary!

The collection was innovative, and it was so cool to see where all his inspiration came from such as his favorite movie which was displayed there
And the famous teddy bear showing the ideas of the first pointy bra worn by Madonna!

What I also loved was the Dutch influences incorporated in this exhibition specially for Rotterdam, which I’m sure is different in every city !

Also the interactive mannequins were something I’ve never seen before.

I will also upload a short video tour of the exhibition which I will upload here as well soon :)

If you are in town love or just love fashion I would really suggest that you come and take a look by visiting the Kunsthal in Rotterdam yourself !

It’s the first time I’ve been to an exhibition this alive and at the end you can get yourself some goodies at the popup store.

For those who will not be able to see this amazing exhibition check out the pics below ;)

There is so much more but I didn't want to put everything ;)

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