New in || Michael Kors by van den Assem !

Hi Lovely’s !

I hope you had a sunny weekend !

Last Friday I rushed home to open my package from van den Assem

Van den Assem is a store in the Netherlands selling high end brands such as Liebeskind, DKNY and many more.
They have many store locations and me and my mom love to go there and spend at least half of our money :D

I teamed up with van den Assem and picked out this great Jet Set Travel Tote by Micheal Kors !

This girl couldn’t be happier and it came really fast !

The material is a thick leather and has enough space for simply everything !

I not only want to show you my item but also a quick glimpse of their other items I LOVE


Check out this amazing store and let me know what you love!

or do you see something you love right here ?


For updates on their latest items also go have a look on their BLOG

I Love John Beerens || Tech Chat - Wacom Bamboo Stylus Mini review

Hi Lovely's !

Hope y'all are well :)

I got this goodie box from John Beerens which is a web store in the Netherlands selling the great brands you might have and, we can't find in stores !

For example I couldn't find the Kardashian palette anywhere in stores, only at John Beerens so that is great for me but also many others :)

To get back to the box these are the products:

Magazine + Flyers: I didn't know they had this cool magazine featuring new products, tips and editorials.

J Beverly Hills Hand & Body Wash : this large bottle is for hands and body.

The smell is indeed super I seriously kept smelling my hands haha

Also the big plus is that it doesn't leave my skin dry and rough.

Samples: Gosh I really like sample sizes, easy to take with me in my already full make up bag.

Bee Venom Essence Day & Night Treatment: this will be nice to take with me to Portugal or upcoming trip.
This cream is great for hydration and repairing of the skin.

Lip pencils: Such I nice surprise, even though I don't wear a lot of lipstick I do like to try them out. I ended up just coloring my entire lips with some gloss which looked pretty cute if I must say so myself.

Pupa Luxury French manicure set: Perfect I was totally ready for a new color. I like only like the basic white tips, but I was in for a experiment with the colors gold and a kind of yellow-ish tip color.

The set comes with a large strip with tips, so no bad points here either.

I do need to save some patience before I can try this out.

And last but not least.
I also got this cute I love John Beerens cup !

Have you checked out John Beerens hair studio or webshop ?

If not go check it out and let me know what you think of their items here:)

Time for Tech Chat !

So it’s about time for some Tech Chat don’t you 
think ?

I love to draw out ideas and sketch new logo’s for all my fellow blogger Lady’s !

All of this would not be possible if I did not use a stylus.

The stylus is not only perfect for sketching but also for quick sweeping of your applications and gaming :)
I always took my stylus in make makeup bag so I wouldn’t forget.

This time Wacom came with a great invention which is the Wacom Bamboo stylus mini !

This cute little stylus is perfect to take with you because you can attach it to your speaker port on your Ipad or other tablet and phone !

I have tried the stylus over the weekend and I’m very positive, because even though the size it does feel good in your hands, and it slides through my Ipad smoothly.

If you’re looking for a trendy stylus for a good price I really suggest you take a look at theWacom Bamboo Stylus Mini.

As you can see I got mine in pink but they have plenty of different colors to choose from :)

 Do you sketch on your  tablet  and what do you think of this pink cutie ?

 Let me know !


p.s All attention to all Dutchies for this amazing event in Rotterdam by Stravagante pr




Amazing Event La Mode + New in || Even& Odd


Hi Lovers !

Hope you are all well!

Gosh I had such a busy week, since Monday I have to make several reportsfor my job which gave me no time to upload and edit everything, and by the timeI get home other duties are expecting me!

Not that it’s all over because tomorrow I have my yearly evaluation sovery important for tha money :P

Let me give you an update on what I’ve been doing last week.

I posted the flyers of the 2 events that were hold in my own home town thatI was going to visit , and want to share with you !






Mode Feestje ( Fashion Party)

This event was hold for the second time in a beautiful cafe near the central station.

This time there was performance from a local girl band and a fashion show where all models showed thecollection for sale on the event.

Due to my new camera I had to test my pictures sucked due to lighting so sorry about that !

This event was hosted in one of our hotest clubs called VIP Room!

It was super crowed and everybody seem to have a great time :)

The coolest thing was that if you had some swag or style it might be your chance to shine !

Because they were scouting people and gave people a free photo shoot with amazing hair styling !

One thing is for sure if there will be a new event YOU'VE GO TO BE THERE !






After looking at some items and my friend buying a top we went on to theLaModa party which was held in the city Centre.

We went to the VIP Room which is anamazing club that’s always crowded !

The party was organized by lovely Farzad who looked amazing I must sayhehe : )

It was pretty dark so hard to make pictures but the vibe was great, therewas a modeling agency present which selected lads and lady's for a photo-shoot complete with hair beingdone ;)

We had a nice VIP spot which meant, sushi and champagne.

We met some nice lady’s next to us which we hanging out with for a whilebefore it was time for us to go.



Also last but not least I’ve been dying to show you my latest jacketfrom the new collection of Even&Odd.

As you might have noticed I was wearing the jacket on the events.

First thing I noticed when I received the jacket is that the material isactually really soft the jacket has short sleeves but because the materialfeels so good I wasn't even cold !

Even & Odd is a brand I recently discovered and I was so in lovewith their spring Lookbook I already shared it on my “Release page

I was looking for a cool shortsleeved jacket and was happy to find that at Even & Odd.

the good thing is that everybody that can shop from Zalando can get their own Even or maybe Odd item !

What do you think of my new jacket from Even & ODD ?

Let me know!


Thursday discussions

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you are all well and ready for Friday !

I seriously can't wait until tomorrow because I there are a lot of fashion events tomorrow evening in Rotterdam which doesn’t happen so often.
I have contained the flyers of 2 events I definitely want to be checking out !
So now that I think of it I begin to panic because I will need to come up with 1 outfit for 2 events !

But knowing myself and looking behind me at the weather I think I will keep it warm and comfortable. O before I forget I was checking out the Rihanna’s collection for River Islands and I must say I do like some items.
I heard a lot of negative comments about the collection and OK there are some pieces we could have made ourselves but I do like a couple of things.
Here are my favorites.

1 2 3

What are your thoughts on the collection, Positive or Negative ?


 Let me know !

Writen on a Mild Monday

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you had a great weekend and did something nice with family and friends for Easter !

I've got this awesome bracelet since my birthday,but finally had some sun to make a clear picture.

I was happy to be approached by My Name Necklace who gave me the opportunity to select and engrave something from their collection, so I choose this silver cross bracelet.

I think the engraving made it extra personal and I choose a small fit which was the right choice in the end :)

If you have also been looking for a cool cross bracelet check mine out here

Of course they also have other bracelets, necklaces and much more so if you're interested go take a look and use my code (banner side)

And get something nice for yourself :)

I also recently got this lovely Gift card bracelet set called Bohemian Traveler  by  SOYL ( story of your life).

I like the small charms it has and the cute colored ropes :)

These bracelet are perfect to fill my left arm since I always bling up my right :)

For now I think they only ship to the Netherlands so all Dutchies can check the site out here!

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