Groupon Trip Lisabon - Portugal part #1

Hi Lovely's !

I got back from a wonderful 3 day trip to Lisbon !

We stayed at the Barcelona Hotel.

I have to mention that particularly one receptionist was so sweet and helpful.

Because we were not so map savvy he gave us tips and showed us exactly where to go.

We didn't have time to visit the center, but plenty of time to spend all our money in the malls.
We went to three malls and biggest mall I've ever been is called the Colombo mall!

This large mall was full of new brands waiting to be discovered and my good old girls H&M and Zara.

What surprised me was that the stores there close around 11 o clock so even if you are working till late you can still go on a shopping spree for a few hours.

My main goals for this trip was to eat as many Portuguese dishes and to give my mom a great time !

I really liked this dish even though I wasn’t able to get the name from the guy :P

It is fish with fries in cream sauce HMMM it was so yummy :P

I wanted to take pictures of the things I bought but had to wait because my dad was using the camera.

Do you know how hard it is for a bag addict to leave a new bag unused ?!

As my mom and I were walking around the hotel to check out the shops and we almost walked past and old store named Zig Zag.

The store had great collection of beautiful designer bags like Missoni and Liu Jo.

After closely looking at all the bags I spotted this quilted bag from Moschino and just had to have it !

Knitted Sweater:

Zara had this red knitted sweater for sale, and since I love knits and wanted to add a new color to my closet this was a perfect fit for me.

Amethyst ring:

On the last day we quickly went to another mall named Saldanha and both selected something.

My mom got earrings and I choose this Amethyst ring.

I really like gemstone rings so this purple princess was again a perfect add on to my collection.

So that’s all for the first part !

Hope you enjoyed reading about my buys :D


A dress by Eschel

Hi Lovely's !

Hope you are all well :)

Wearing a dress from Eschel makes every woman sexy and beautiful!

Her amazing bodycon dresses show off all your beautiful parts and shapes.

Eschel is founded and based in luxourious Dubai and offers beautiful dresses.

The dress is a little heavier then a normal dress would be which indicates that your dealing with good quality.
It also really adjust to your body shape and feels good for a great night out!

Which is even better is that you don't have to plan a trip to Dubai, but you can check out her latest creations and order from her facebook page HERE

What do you think of Bodycon dresses ?

A rather Abzurd introduction !!

Big kisses to all of you for being so patient.

I mentioned being busy finishing up on my goals and my blog layout was one of them.

Starting from this month I'm blogging for exactly a year !

So much has changed in short amount of time and so much will keep changing over the years :)

I have been working on a new template for a few weeks and I needed to move it from my test blog to really see if it was okay and honest to say ,when I did a test upload I couldn't bare to wait for another perfect moment to launch it again.

So my appologies for a not so good introduction of my new template :( !

But no more excuses from now I want to put all my effort in to giving you

a better content and hopefully more inspiration along the way.

Please know that I'm always open for new ideas, so be angel and let me know what you would like to see on a blog or maybe little less of something :p

I'll be going on my trip to Portugal with mommy Thuesday so I will be back on Friday fresh,fruity and full of new ideas and pictures !!!

But before I go I wanted to share my Sunday oufit!

I don't want to sound abzurd but I'll defenitely wear it!

This cool brand recently nested in the Netherlands introducing a collection

of graphic shirts, sweaters and accessories.

This sweater is made of and feels very soft, I like the gray and pink together

and the text " 1 opening" is prety funny to me!

If you also like to spice up your outfit with a graphic touch ?

Take a look on the website HERE

Like their FACEBOOK

Are you Swedish?! || Would like coffee Or Tea?

Hi Lovely’s !

Hope you had a great weekend !

The weather is getting better and better here in the Netherlands so that asks for the needed preparations.

I’ve been looking for the perfect sunglasses for Spring/Summer and after browsing around I think I found the perfect one.

I’ve mentioned Are you Swedish before on my blog but what the heck I’ll explain again ;)

Are you Swedish? produces the hottest designer labels from Sweden and is based in Amsterdam.

I love love love their different collections of Watches, Sportswear,Travel items and yes yes Sunglasses.

This cool pair of Abisko Sunglasses are designed by creative duo Erik& Emilia.

Getting their inspiration of beautiful Lapland they have named all their glasses after Swedish Suburbs and cities such as Jokkmokk, Kiruna and my pair Abisko!

These glasses are perfect and my model is called Nothern Black Yeah !

If you are still looking for a perfect pair of glasses to kick off your Spring/Summer vibe go take a look at Erik & Emilia’s collection HERE

More from Are you Swedish can be found on their website HERE


Nothing beats a perfect warm day with a nice cup of coffee Or Tea?

Definitely Tea !

I wanted to share another delicious tea brand which needs have a place in your tea stack.

Or Tea is a hip, artsy and most of all healthy tea brand based in China.

Not only did I enjoy looking to the different graphic tea boxes I also really like the taste of their tea’s

I’ve tried 2 delicious blends and I wanted to share my thoughts on them.

Long Life Brows:

Hmm this tea tasted very soft and mild but you do taste the herbs!

This tea should make you feel younger by the day they have added a story about how they’ve discovered this tea to be perfect for your skin which is a nice story to read ;)

Towering Kung Fu Black:

How cool is this name then ?! seriously if the wrapping and name is interesting you already score points in my book.

This tea a part from the Long Life Brows tastes very strong and earthy.

If you like a strong tasting tea this is the one for you.

Or Tea compares it’s taste with a real man haha strong and earthy I totally love this.

Like all their tea’s there is a little explanation on how they gave their tea’s their names :)

Get your own blend here by checking out their Hot and delicious site HERE

Or stay up-to date by checking them out on FACEBOOK

Filming day || New in Bag by Mila Moss

Hi Lovely's !

How was your weekend ?

I've been having migraines since Friday so I didn't go out or anything but I did have something special to do on Saturday.

I was approached by the German children’s channel Kika TV to show one of the hosts Jess around my favorite places in Rotterdam.

I've never done this before so I was super nervous but I think it went alright ( I hope)
When the video is uploaded on their site I will definitely share the link with you because I love to know your opinion of how I did it :D

These were some pictures my boyfriend took for me.

Another great thing that is that we had a great sunny day and I could finally shoot some pictures of my bag from Mila Moss !

I haven't mentioned it before but I love to browse through Etsy and look for items for my room, but mostly jewelry and bags bags bags !
I stumbled upon the lovely bags of a German designer named Mila Moss !
She has a great collection of large bags using  different materials.
I  especially like this bag because it is brown for a change I always buy black bags so this is also a nice basic color.
I like the belts and around it as well as the long quite shape giving it extra space to take my Ipad with me !

Check out her lovely shop HERE

 And get my bag HERE

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