B is for Bento || No more Junk Food to school or work !

                                        Hi Lovely's !!

                                                               Look what was brought in!
                                             A happy package always scores points!

I want to introduce an item that has put my on the road to healthy eating.

The name box.. Bento box.

Bento boxes are around for years, to be pricise around 1185 to 133 and belongs to the Japanese cuisine.

This box is super easy for carrying meals to work or school.
Back in the day I was jelous of the beautifuly decorated lunch boxes of my chinese class mates but now I can finally treat myself with the same.

This super handy bento box is from Casa Bento.

Casa Bento is an online store specialized in bento acessories and has a large selection of modern, slim and classic bento boxes. It really took me up to a week to select the one I really liked :)

I choose for a bento box with 2 layers so that I could take one warm meal and cold snacks with me.

This bento box has 2 seprate compartments and both have their own lid to prevent any liquids spilling out.

What's also a good feature is that you can warm your food up in the micro wave which isn't possible with all Bento's.

Bento Box: How handy is it, to be able to contain your entire lunch kit in this bag.

Aladin cuttery set:

If you are a noob in eating with chop sticks like me, you will need to go for this cutlery set from Alladin.

this slim blue box contains a fork, spoon and knife for the nessecary cutting jobs:P
I've already tried the set and it's also very easy to clean when your on the go!

  Geometric Silicone Cups:

these cups are prettty handy when you need to either divide certain things or make shapes from for example rice.

making a Bento meal requires a little time and creativity, but I believe strongly that creative bloggers souls like us will be able to come up with great meals and ways to decorate!

to get you started I've added a few my favorite recipe links from Just Bento a blog full of recipes for Bento boxes.

1. Smoked Salmon 
2. Spring Pasta
3. MeatBalls in tomato sauce
4. Potato Oyaki
5. Bento size mini Quiche

Do you bring your own lunch to work/school ?

Introducing.. The Sarah Klass

Hi Lovely's !!

Floppy Hat - H&M
Dress: Diana Gabriels
Bag; Michael Kors Jet Set Tote

When it comes to Jewelry,  I'm not a typical gold and diamonds kind of girl (yet..).

I like to search for special pieces that are from new upcoming designers and what better place to look

for creative items and originality then on Etsy!

Sarah founder of The Sarah Klass is one of those originals that I need to mention.

I like the pieces of this fresh NYC designer because she uses elements that change of color over the years

making every piece unique and different.

Making this beautiful ring a unique addition to my collection.

You can find more of her collections on the website HERE

Do you have any unique Jewelry pieces ?

Tech Chat: Bamboo Loop App || My La Kaiser favorites !

 Hi Lovely's !!

Hope you are all well today :)

So normally I don't post so much at once but I thought why not post more then usual !

I got some sweet emails asking about the La Kaiser collection and what my favorite pieces are.

I would love to have one of those pieces !

1. Cuff Bracelet - Lugano Sphere
2. Forever Earrings
3.Starfish Earrings
4. Kanal ring
5. Quill Earrings
6. Vermeil Mallachio Necklace
7. Lucern Bracelet
8. Oxidized Lucern Bracelet
9. Amore Necklace
10. Kanal Ring
10.Mallachio Pearl Ring
11. Tanzanite Lugano Bracelet

Bamboo Loop App 

Do you remember my review on the Bamboo stylus from Wacom?!

I reviewed their pink stylus and now they launched a cool new app I want to share with you!

Bamboo Loop: Keep friends and family in the loop with Wacom’s new app !

Launched by Wacom´s app software group, Bamboo Loop is making mobile

messaging highly visual, beautiful and fun

Wacom today announces Bamboo Loop – a new app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

It combines principles of photo sharing and Messaging in a unique and fun way.

digital, paper-like photo cards are sent (“looped”) to friends, family members and close colleagues.

Unlike many apps in which a photo is added separately to a text message, in Bamboo

Loop photos take center stage and can be illustrated and personalized with the built-in

editing tools. Sketch, scribble or write on the photo with the finger or a Bamboo Stylus,

loop it back to the creator, send it on to someone new or share it with social networks. Everyone can be creative.

This app is currently available for Ipad/Iphone

Event || La Mode - VIP Room Rotterdam

Hi Lovely’s !

Hope you are well Last week the weather was simply awesome, so much sun it really gave us all a true summer feeling.

Too bad these things don’t really last long here though ;)

Last Friday I went to the second edition of La Mode!

 Getting ready to party !

Finally arrived
 OMG even though we don't look at our best I needed to share this pic with football player Royston Drenthe!
 Oh Oh Cherso's Roos was also working in VIP Room so another cheese moment !

The party was again hosted in the VIP room club in Rotterdam and it was even better then the last time!

We arrived around 23:00 and were welcomed with a glass of champagne! After a few minutes more people started streaming in as well as some friends I invited to come.

 La mode attracted a lot of stylish people and you could be picked out for a photo shoot by a professional photographer.

The music was cool and gave you plenty of energy to the entire night :D

I even found an article about the last party which was featured in our local news magazine.


Again Farzad did an amazing job in organizing and hosting this amazing party ! I hope that all the ladies that went to the event had a great time and I hope to see you again at yet another edition of
La Mode!

luxurious for a good cause || La Kaiser Collection

 Hi Lovely's !

Hoping you are enjoying the day just as much as I am !

I will be posting part #2 of my Portugal trip next week because I also want to show you my mum's buys so I hope you can be a little patient about that ?!

Charities and projects are always things that should be brought to everyone's attention!

When you mix charities with fashion it becomes even more interesting !

This time I want to introduce you to the world of La Kaiser!

This luxurious jewelry collection is a product by designer Cindy Kaiser.

She grew up in Zimbabwe and is now living between Switzerland and the states.

What is great about this particular Jewelry collection is that a percentage of the profits are donated

to a scholarship foundation in Zimbabwe!

This is why I proudly show FAB silver bracelet with their Lion signature.

This is just one of her beautiful and meaningful collection so let me know your favorite piece by checking the website HERE

Keep your eyes out for this bracelet because I'll be making many pictures with my new bracelet :)

Have you ever contributed to charity ?

And what do you think of the collection by La Kaiser !


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