I Love John Beerens ! || Hair & Beauty Review!

Hi Sweethearts!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

So sorry for my absence but I've been busy helping my mom prepare for her 6 month trip!

Me being such a mommy's girl had to really spend as much time with her as possible.

I will miss her so much especially our baking weekends and you know the little things like coming home and

Seeing her in the kitchen through the window :)

But today I wanted to share the items in the goodie box that I got from John Beerens!

For those who don't know this amazing man, John Beerens is a well known hair stylist here in the Netherlands!

He has many salons and always works with the best products when it comes to hair and also beauty products.

On the website you can always find just that pallet, Sephora doesn't sell here!

I personally like the site because it has just those products that I can't find in local shops and they offer great quality products for very decent price!

I therefore hope that this review get's my Dutch girlfriends extra curious to take a look for themselves!

 Wow I normally have doubts on these kind of products because over the years I'm used to just using products only for Black hair, but I took a few pumps of these product and it worked for my hair too!

It smells so good and it made my hair very soft!
The trick for my hair is not to use to much product so my hair won't get to greasy but this wasn't the case at all.
I was still able to whip my hair back and front :D

 I didn't have a chance to try this out yet but I'm very exited to give it a try because the Ionix champoo and conditioner are perfect for hair that has been exposed to uv or chemical products.

Since I monthly need to use relaxing products to keep my hair straight this would be nice to try out and see if it gives my hair the boost it needs!


I did try this oil today and it made my hair very shiny!
Becuase I wear extensions and leave a little bit of my hair out on the top I only use the oil for that part.
My hair then blends in extra well because has the same healthy shine everybody loves!
I also didn't have a chance to try this yet.
I must say I've never tried hair chalk or anything but I would like to give this dip-dye a try!
The color is cute so if it doesn't look nice on me I have 2 sweet girls next door who would love to try this out too.  

I've already tried the champoo before and really liked the scent of it!
Now that I also have a mini conditioner I will keep everything in my makeup bag for emergency's or not so well plannend sleep overs :P


This product is best used for your points of your hair!
Because I have really dry ends I immediately tried this product out.
It luckily lasted for a couple of hours and it really looked much healthier and shiny look.

They also have a video showing how to apply the product on your hair :D

Unfortunately this wasn't in my shade but that's OK!
I did do some research on the brand itself and John Beerens offers a large collection of Murad face care products, of which I'm sure will have something good for my skin as well :)

Ae you familiar with the products or anything else from John Beerens?

please share your experience!


Happy Friday || New in Chicnova order!

 HI Lovely’s!!


Gosh were finally able to enjoy tropical weather here in the Netherlands!
I’m assuming that a lot of my readers come from amazing warm countries but some fellow Europeans understand that this is what we were all waiting for :D

I just got my order from Chicnova and I want to share my picks with you!


Flats- van Haren

Bracelet- La Kaiser

Tee- Chicknova

Denim Biker Jacket - Chicnova

I have been keeping an eye out for this cool denim jacket for a while.
I like the shape and color of this jacket and since I just have a normal one this lighter version was a good add-on to my collection.

Because the material is not so thick I can wear it in the morning or evening when it begins to get a little chilly!

I also picked a simple navy blue shirt because with warm weather it’s sometimes nice to just add a wear a simple but fashionable t-shirt.

I paired it along with my Jeggings from C&A and my blue flats from van Haren!


Beauty Review || THE MICRODELIVERY PEEL KIT by Philosophy

 Hi Lovely’s!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer sun :)
I haven’t done much beauty items in a while so I was thrilled to receive this amazing Peeling kit from Philosophy to review and would love to share my results with you!

Philosophy is well known for their amazing Spa products for home use.
I was very happy to have the opportunity to try this product and pamper my skin like I haven't done in a while!

I've had a peeling treatment years ago, and I actually liked the fact I felt the product doing something to my skin.
This Microdelivery Peel isn't any different !

What's in the box ?

vitamin crystal: 

This is also the first step when opening the jar it contains a yellow substance that when applying to skin begin to look like little crystals.
Hmm it smells like orange ! the peptide crystal feel nice on the skin and I left it in for 2-3 min.

Acid Peeling

When applying the second step which is the activating gel.
When I applied the gel over the crystal the mixture starting the foam and it became warm, Like I said you can really feel that there’s  something happening on your face!
I again let the peeling set for about 3 min before washing my face.


I’ve tried it a couple of times so that I was able to give a proper review of how to product works for me and it does make your face very soft!

I’ve been watching a darker spot I had on my cheeks and its almost completely gone :D
The Microdelivery peel from Philosophy is a great add-on to your spa routine during the weekends.

If you’ve never tried a peeling before I would recommend this one especially because you don’t have to go to a clinic and pay so much money while you can enjoy this treatment at home or during spa day at your friend’s house!

I’ve also received some emails from girls who went to the peeling event that was held on different locations in the Netherlands and they were very positive !

So if you also want to try this refreshing kit ? get it here or here!


Or keep checking out their FACEBOOK for updates on new locations.


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