Marlies Monday || Event overview - Metro Mode!

Hi Beauty’s!

Today’s it’s Marlies Monday because I wanted to share an amazing event I attended last Thursday in Hotel Manhattan in Rotterdam.

Last Thursday I was invited to celebrate and hand out the first copy of Friday’s Metro Mode.

For all my international ladies, Metro Mode is a free subway newspaper which has a great section related to fashion.

Marlies Dekkers is a lingerie designer from Rotterdam already famous for her sexy lingerie worn by Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and more!

I love her sexy and super feminine designs :)

In this issue you can find things that inspire her and much more!

Before the edition was handed over she answered a few questions and was actually a very open and funny person!

After her speech we had time to snap some pictures with her and party on!

After a few hour we went home happy and satisfied with a goodie bag!

What’s in my goodie bag?!

 Gosh what were we spoiled by Marlies!

This Goodie bag was extra special because it exists out of her personal favorite items and products.

 Her favorite eye lashes  are from Make-up Studio. I've tried these before and couldn't be happier to give my lashes a boost this Friday :P

 Hooray nail polish! I how cute are these polishes by Marlies Dekkers, this one is called Cool Scandinavia
 Hello! who doesn't know Toni & GUY ! Marlies knows us well as these products are also perfect for my hair.

 Gotta glue those lashes YO ! Nice size to last a while :) and the new Colgate Tooth paste in the perfect size to take with me during travels.
 Yaah another amazing polish this time from KOH! I already checked and I got a orange color :D
 PAM PAM PAM this special gift is from the Manhattan Hotel and had 2 amazingly delicious macrons!

I think I know her Beauty secret which is plenty of sleep, which will not be a problem with these eye patches.
The brown sac contains a leave necklace which is super cute :)

Hope you enjoyed reading my review of the event and got you curious in checking out one of the many collection of Marlies Dekkers!

Jen's Berry Bash Pudding by OK Import!


Hope you are well!

I don’t know about you but I simply love desserts!

I’m not really a candy-person but I do love to treat myself and friends with fresh baked apple pies and puddings.

Instead of grabbing a pack of chips or sweets I make my way to the kitchen to start warming up some milk for puddings or prepare the dough for my pie.

I got these super cute mold of Wonder Cakes from OK-Import and want to share my recipe for a delicious Custard pudding with berries.

OK-import is the place to be here in the Netherlands when looking for high quality cooking and baking products.

Wonder Cakes is one of their amazing brands which offers a great variety of baking products.

Even though Valentine is a few months away I thought it would be a nice to use these lovely molds and make some puddings for my lover :)

The berries I used are from an amazing company named Fresh-As!

I will save my introduction about Fresh-As! For my upcoming video, but I do already want to tell you that if you are looking for

Dried fruits and vegetables, you don’t have to look any further.

  Recipe for Jen’s Berry Bash Custard Pudding:


How to make the Custard


Custard can easily be made with egg yolks, sugar, milk and/or cream and Vanilla.

The key thing when making custard is to heat it just enough to thicken, but not too much so that it curdles.

A neat trick is to add a little flour which will help stabilize the eggs.

But if you want to run this show quickly I suggest you also use an instant custard pudding which tastes just as good!


When you want to use the instant pudding it’s important to add the Custard in cold milk to prevent it getting lumpy.

Slow turn up the heat and keep stirring this until it gets thicker.

When your pudding is ready pour it in your molds and leave it in the fridge to cool for about 30 min.

After 30 min you can take them out of the fridge and start by placing your heart- shaped puddings on the plates.

We’re not done yet!

I’ve added a sprinkle of Raspberry powder and finished my pudding by adding some delicious dried Blue Berries.

The Raspberry powder makes it look extra festive and they blue berries taste great in combination with the sweet pudding.

I hope you will give this a go!

If you are looking for the same molds I’ve used for this post check out the site of OK-Import HERE

New in || Imani dress by Chi Chi London

Hi Beauty's!

So glad it's already FRIDAY!

This week I got my lovely dress from ChiChi London.

Chi Chi is an amazing web store offering gorgeous party and cocktail dresses that will keep all eyes on you!

Even though I love my jeggins I can't help myself wanting to look like a Godess every now and then so I selected this beautiful white dress named Imani.
I really like the beaded front and the fact that it's super long.
The dress is made out of a light flowy material which will make it look so pretty when it's windy.

Check out more dresses from ChiChi on their WEBSITE


Or just click the banner to check it out at any time!


 Have a great weekend!

It's Konig.. Jane Konig



I believe that accessories complete every outfit.

That's why I always look for that one statement piece that completes me and also exactly shows my style.

That's why my collection is small but extrodinairy for me.

Jane Konig is a brand to remember!

The second their page was loaded I kept looking at their items again and again, while updating my Excel " Wish List" sheet :D

This beautiful ring reminded me of the knights of the round table because of the shield and symbol on it.

The material feels very soft on my finger so I barely feel that I wear it.

This ring definitely belong in my box of extrodinairy treasures and should be on your "Must Have" list!

Join the round table and get this ring HERE

Or see their collection HERE!

And show some love by liking there FACEBOOK

What's your absolute favorite statement piece?!

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