Right on time for the last sun beam!


Hope you are well!
This morning there was a little bit of sun coming up after the windy weather of the last few days here in the Netherlands.
I thought good time to make a quick picture. I pulled on my blazer and blue jeggins from H&M.

My new ankle boots from Graceland which I've been trying to break out a little bit because it still doesn't feel like my other shoes. The past days I've been carrying my Guardian Angel tote bag from Vlieger & van Dam with me everywhere I go, and had to show off my new St Andrews Lady watch. This watch is also from the amazing Daniel Wellington collection and was again to easy to slip on to work!

If you missed my previous watches from Daniel Wellington you can find them here!


AND if you also want a lovely watch like this one grab my code "MILKSHAKE" and get one for a nice price!


What is your current favorite watch?

Food || Favorite Healthy Snacks on the GO!


These are the main products I take with me to work because they are easy to prepare and give you a satisfied feeling.

So no more Fries and Pizza but healthy replacements that taste just as good!

These items are from all over the world, because there are so many great tasting things in the world I don’t see why I should stick to local products only.

Fresh-As Dried Fruits and Vegetables:

This amazing company makes the best air freeze fruits and vegetables. They can’t get any healthier than this.
I already showed you their amazing products in my recipe post here.
I love to take a hand full off blue berries and raspberry’s to work to either eat like that or put in my yoghurt yum yum!

Check Fresh-As HERE

Kellogg’s Mini Breaks:

These amazing mini snacks from Kellogg’s are high on my list because they are so additively good tasting.
I try not to eat more than 2 packs a day but I can’t help myself sometimes. The snacks are nice in the morning to give you a little more energy.

Philadelphia Spread:

I love  this spread on normal crackers, rice crackers and bread. I use this as a replacement for butter and it gives your toasts or crackers a nice fresh taste.
I also use this with my Tortilla wraps.

Smoked Salmon:

I  love to eat Salmon not only in my pasta’s and Salad’s but also on my Tortilla wrap. Mixing the Philadelphia and Salmon together with a wrap gives you a  great sandwich.
I also use  Salmon in my cold pasta salads for work which is such a filling ingredient.

Liga Fruit Crisp:

Here in the Netherlands we have another similar snack called Sultana. I don’t like them because they have raisins in it which I don’t like, So when Liga came out with this sultana version without raisins I was super happy. I crave for these sweet apple cinnamon snacks in the morning just a couple of hours before lunch time.

Tortilla Wraps:

These wraps are my replacements for bread and other pastry things I used to buy in the morning at the bakery. I love to use some spread, lettuce and fish or meat to create tasty wraps for work.

YumYum Noodle Soup:

I was sort of brought of with this brand when it comes to Noodle soups. There’s nothing better than a nice hot cup of soup when you’re really hungry. Now that they come in these cups they are easy to take with you anywhere you go.

Boeren Muesli ( Granola):

I love this Dutch thick yogurt in the morning with some granola. I also like to take Greek yoghurt and mix it with some dried fruits from Fresh-As to give it a nice taste.


I love potatoes and this tasty treat is something you can always wake me up for. This delicious snack comes from Turkey but we get more and more shops selling this cooked potato with melted cheese and different kinds of vegetables on it.

Well these are my favorite snacks to go!

I’m always looking for new snacks to order and try out so what snacks do you love?

Let me know!

New Direction: Healthy Eating.


The last few months I've been seeking for replacement snacks for my fast food cravings.

I have been trying out snacks from all over the world and want to share my new healthy favorites for when I go to work or just sitting on the cough watching my series!

Let me begin by letting you know that I'm always hungry.

I always have just enough space for that third piece of that birthday cake or a midnight pizza, and it gets worse because before I started with the healthy snacks I always had fries and chicken nuggets at work, every day again, and again up till the point that I get a discount on everything I order which I think is pretty bad..

So one day I just thought it was time to slowly make a change and start looking for products that were healthy and would also give me the feeling that it would be something I could eat every day.

In one of my previous posts I mentioned getting a Bento Box which is a Japanese lunch box with multiple layers for your mini meals to go.

I got this Bento from CasaBento that has so many different boxes and assessors that it took me a few days to select the perfect one.

This was my start in getting creative in preparing healthy mini meals and snacks that I could build on through my working day.

For my first tip I want to show you these useful Bento boxes and their purpose.

Salade box:

This handy-dandy salade box is perfect to bring your favorite salads to work.

If you love salads then why not make your own and take it with you to enjoy.

Bento Box:

this 2 layered Bento box is perfect when you want to get creative and prepare mini meals and snacks that will last you through the day.

Bento for kids:

This cute little lunch box is what you need to store your octopus shapes weenies and carrot snacks for the little ones.

Cutlery set:

Whether you have a salad,soup or any basic meal this cutlery set is your own personal set to take with you.

Sauce cups:

There's nothing better to finish your yummy lunch by poring your favorite dressing over your food.

These come in sets of 5 and 20 and are small and easy to fill and store.

Introducing || Fashom


Hope you are well!

Today I want to introduce an amazing community site named Fashom.

I never talk about community's because it always the same idea but Fashom is different.

Fashom is a community based on street style only!

I already created an account and filled up my lookbook with some cool items from the streets and inspiration pictures I haven't posted on my blog!


Using the FASHOM MAP You can tag or upload pictures based on looks from the street and find urban shops and items by checking the Fashom map.

It doesn't matter where you are, you can use the map to locate styles and stores within a 5000 km radius.

Fashom recently launched and is currently developing great things to keep us all interessted.

If you are also interested in checking out street style looks and searching for new brands to work with, Fashom is a great start!

They will soon release an app where you will be able to take pictures and tag your look or items while being on the road!

When you upload your pictures you should check out FACEBOOK to see your looks being feautered there as well ;)

 Go have a look for yourself and if you create an account let me know so we can connect!

New in || Daniel Wellington - York Lady Watch



Hope you are well!

I love to collect different watches, some are sparkly, some are modern or timeless classics like Daniel Wellington watches

I already had a beautiful ... Watch and couldn't be more blessed to have the received these beautiful watches to match my outfits with!

Daniel Wellington is based in Sweden and has a amazing collection of watches all named to different cities of England such as South Hampton Lady, York lady and many more.

I personally love these watches because they look modest and classy at the same time.
The fact versatile and have such a soft wrist band makes them even more tempting to wear instead of the other more larger watches I have.

This model is called York-Lady

Even the box that holds the watch looks elegant and classy.

 Cardigan- One Piece
Watch- Daniel Wellington
 Bag- Vlieger & van Dam
 Boots - Van Haren

If you also have a thing for a more modest watch to go with your classy or even casual outfits, than you should take a look on the Daniel Wellington website HERE

If you find watch that you love you can use my discount code milkshake

Which makes it perfect gift for yourself or in case my boyfriend because they have a cool Men collection too!

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