Gift Guide || Luxury Watches for him and her

We know that when thinking of a watch, its main purpose is to simply show the time and maybe even the date. But these days we want our time pieces strong, designed to fit in our daily lives and to reflect a bit about our personal style.

That’s more that simply showing the time is it? That’s right whether you like a simple classic or a more modern and sleek look and feel, you still want it to match your personal style and wardrobe.
Most brands can absolutely provide that quality and statement that some can imagine and some can only dream of adding to their personal collection.

These sophisticated watches are the absolute timepieces you shouldn’t miss in case you want to splurge on unique timeless pieces of art work:

    The Première watch by Meerson Watches
The Première is the classic piece for the reflection of sophistication and elegance. 
As all true genius time pieces, the watch is driven by the heartbeat of its owner.
 The Meerson vision was to design a watch for the strong and self-assured individual.
 He did just that and therefore is time piece scoring high on my list of watches.

This watch is on my “birthday wish list” already!

 Pont des Amoureux Poeticby Van Cleef & Arpels
This is absolutely the gift for every woman that has a little bit of romance in her.
The Pont des Amoureux timepiece meet at midnight on the famous Pont des Arts in Paris.
This is my personal all-time favorite; reason is that this watch has everything a woman can dream of.

Besides showing you the time this piece shows a story of a man and woman getting closer by the hour and when midnight hits they are seen kissing each other on the center of the bridge.
This piece is a true work of art. It keeps you engaged with your watch as hours pass by.

Jules Audemars by AudemarsPiquet,

This gorgeous time piece of the Men’s collection is the absolute gift for the man you love.
This time piece with skeleton movement and a 950 platinum case will make any man crazy.

   TONDA 1950 by Parmigiani Fleurier
Simplistic and yet so elegant as all time pieces of the Parmigiani collections.
This beautiful black watch is encrusted with 84 diamonds and a sapphire back, giving it a strong but sophisticated presence.

Rainbow Crystal Art Watch byTendence
Who doesn’t love to add more color to their lives?
This colorful and bright watch has all of that.  The watch is filled with purple and white mineral crystals and has a soft matching purple band. The watch is driven by batteries and is an absolute great addition to your collection.

Interior || Bedroom inspiration for kids

Ever dreamed of having a huge slide, attached to your bed when you were younger?
Or maybe a bed in the shape of a large castle?

It might be a bit to late to transform your bedroom into a princess paradise or pirate island, but we can always get more creative in decorting the bedrooms of our little ones with amazing items.

TFM has been looking around for bedroom inspirations and stubled upon these amazing bed designs and fantasy bedroom intiror.

These days just a pink or blue bedroom isn't enough to create a true "Princess" like fairy tail bedroom.

We have  been looking for amazing decoration ideas for your little ones. 
Fantasy Coach Bed
 English Tutor House Bed
 Light House Bed
 Sailing Ship Bed
Tools of Trade Bed
 Fashionista's Runway Bed
 Deep Space Fighter Bed
Vintage Race Car Bed
Fairest Princess of all Bed

INTERVIEW || Julia Lundsten for Nokian Footwear

Well I do, because Finnish Nokian has been running the game since 1898 and has shown to be the manufacturer in quality rubber footwear.
Nokian expanded their range by adding ski, bowling and disco shoes.

Coming from a country where it often rains I found Nokian Footwear to have found the perfect solution by giving the classic rain boot a make-over!

Nokian is constantly developing and have recently collaborated with designer Julia Lundsten.
This fashionista graduated from London’s Royal College of Art in 2003. While studying there, and managed to win the prestigious Manolo Blahnik Award two years running, wow!

I was excited to have the opportunity to ask Julia and the Nokian team so of my burning questions on their latest collaboration.

Grab a cup of tea and get introduced to product manager Päivi and in-house designer Mariska from Nokian and of course the lovely designer Julia Lundsten

Päivi of Nokian:

 1. Do you approach the designer or does the designer approach you?
In most cases, designers approach us.
Nokian Footwear is widely known of good design and quality which brings us quite a number of contacts on yearly basis. The initial contact to Julia was already in 2008 when she was acting as jury member in our design competition.  

2. How does the process work?

Concerning designer collaboration
Based on our design strategy we focus on Finnish design/designers. We evaluate carefully whether the proposed collaboration fits to our strategy and product portfolio. In most cases our product development is done by in-house team and only true treasures like Julia Lundsten will pass the criteria.

Development process in general
We work with two yearly collections –> spring/summer and autumn/winter. The development cycles takes minimum 1 year, often more (rubber is challenging material). Right now we are already working with ss2016 novelties.

3. How closely does the designer work with your in-house design team?

Since the rubber footwear technology differs clearly e.g. from leather shoe industry that most designers are familiar with, our team is tightly involved with the process. General concept for whole collaboration was created together with the designer.  Based on those outlines, the designer works out a range plan which is approved by our team for each collection. Our team helps the designer with rubber technology, structures and materials so that the designer’s vision can be reached within the project frames.  Our team has the responsibility of taking the project through factory processes. There is lot of communication until the product is ready for production.

4. How many times has Nokian collaborated with a designer and do you have more in store for us?

Julia Lundsten project was first of its kind for us. We have had several co-op proposals before but none of the earlier proposals was filling the targets for various reasons.
Julia Lundsten collaboration will continue also in the future and cover both ss2015 and aw2015 collections.

Marika of Nokian design team:

1. How long are you a part of the Nokian Team?
I have been working with the Nokian Design team for 2,5 years

2. Did you have a chance to give your input?

Design work with Julia has been easy and inspirational, the main design work is done by Julia and together we make the technical decisions and I help her choose colours.

3. Is there a challenge when working with another designer to get to a collection and maintain Nokian’s vision at the same time? How is it to work with another creative lady in general?
Like I said it has been easy with Julia. Nokian and Julia share the same design values and we trust her vision so it has gone smoothly all the way.

4. How long does it take to get from a sketch to a final concept?
The cycle is more or less half a year but usually we have a final approved prototype in approx. two months. If the prototype is accepted for production, it will reach shops after an additional year.
Question I had for Julia Lundsten:

 Julia Lundsten:

    1. Tell us about the Julia Lundsten signature you brought into this classic collection.

In my own line FINSK I like to work with traditional materials such as leather and wood but work on very modern shapes and details letting the materials own characteristics become part of the design, rather than adding ornaments or decoration. With Nokian, the material is also natural, rubber so it was a new but very interesting material for me to start working with. I treat it in many ways like leather, letting the natural rubber become a very central part of the design, and keeping everything else quite simple. I also wanted the shapes to be much more like leather boots rather than wellington boots which are much heavier, to create a rain boot for the city.
2. What items do you think will be the best sellers?

I think it's better to discuss sales with the sales people! But I would say the strap wedge has been very popular in London, as it's such an easy boot to wear to work as well as the park (or countryside). The low lace up wedge is also a classic favourite already.

3. What is it like to have a huge name like Nokian asking you to create your own version of these classic and trendy boots?
It's of course a privilege, I think the best part is that Nokian have been very brave, and open minded about the product. Big companies can sometimes be a challenge to work with as they have so many rules to follow. But Nokian are the perfect client as they trust the designer with the designs, but bring in their own expertise on technical aspects and history, which is the reason the collaboration has worked so well.
4. You stated that your collaboration with Nokian is a reflection of the Scandinavian style of dressing; can you explain a bit about that?
Scandinavian dressing is quite casual, urban and straight forward. I wanted these boots to fit with that mentality. Practical, simple and cool. There is also an open-mindedness towards new different product. In some countries wellington boots are regarded very much a "country weekend" type product, but I wanted these boots to function almost like waterproof trainers or casual shoes/boots, which I think the Scandinavians were quick to understand and appreciate.
5. I assume you have a few pairs of these fashionable rain boots of your own, how do you style them?
It depends on the day! But it does rain a lot in London so I do wear them most weeks. I actually just wear my normal clothes (I dress quite a lot in black, grey and off white) and whatever mood I feel I either choose a more subtle black lace up boot or a colourful strap wedge if I want to add a little bit of a highlight colour to my outfit. I think of them as my leather boots, but when it rains I of course choose the Nokians.

6.   How would you describe the collection in three words?
 Modern, functional, comfortable
7. Do you have a designer that you admire?
Many. Some of my favourites are Eero Saarinen and Alvar Aalto. They were both very brave and talented, doing something new at the time.
8.  Are you working on something new?
I'm always working on something new! I have just finished the FINSK AW15/16 designs and already working on the next project. I don't have time to stop :)

 For more info check out the Nokian website HERE


WEBSTORE TIP || Treatwell Beauty Health Hair

Ever had to find an emergency nail salon, or you might want to treat yourself with a facial?
Look no further, because Treatwell is here to save the day!

Treatwell is a portal full of information of health, body and hair treatments which can easily be filtered from your city or zip code.  

                                                   © Fotografie:
Not only does Treatwell show you best treatment options nearby, you can select a salon and read the reviews of thousands before you before making your selection.
If you decide to go for a treatment you can easily book an appointment or simply pay at the salon.

Overall the website itself if clean and easy to use. I was able to get a quick and large list of treatments in local salons I didn’t even know where so close to me.

Treatwell only shows the best treatments in the Netherlands but also have an English version of the website so tourists can also enjoy the best nearby.

                                                       © Fotografie:
With their genius mobile app, you can have access to salons while already on the go!

Stay tuned for my review because I’m looking forward in testing the app and be on my way for a lovely treatment at a salon recommended by the  Treatwell App.

                                                       © Fotografie:
In the meantime ladies don’t wait to get your nails done for the weekend and hop over to the Treatwell website or download the app!

EVENT || Rotterdamse Kost

Rotterdam is growing more and more, and I must say that the last 2 years my city has become
The place to be for cool events and festivals.
The past weekend I attended the an cultural and culinary festival  named Rotterdamse Kost in the city of Rotterdam.

This festival was the place to be this weekend if you were looking for a huge dose of music and good portions of quality dishes from the best restaurants of Rotterdam.
Rotterdamse Kost latterly gave it’s visitor a taste of different dishes from op restaurants like New York, up to our favorite French fries of Bram Ladage.
Since I wanted to try something new I ordered a portion of squid rings from New York which tasted delicious!


You could also follow a cool Jenever workshop from Ketel1 which looks absolutely worth the low price!
It was a great sunny day, so I was happy to arrive to a crowded festival with great live music and a cooking contest between 4 top chef’s which was pretty cool because you had the opportunity to watch these chef’s in action while even being able to ask them a quick question, the contest itself was over an hour which gave everyone the chance to see them cooking live. I myself walked around and ended at this stage several times to see what they were cooking next.
The festival itself was a nice size and several different stands were spread in a large circle of bakery goodies and places to sit, eat and chill!

I do have to give a shout-out to a delicious hot dog stand Hans Worst which is based a great main location next to the metro station in the centre of Rotterdam.

This cool set of gentleman make the greatest hotdogs and actually the only ones a truly LOVE!
So it was pretty cool to see them at this festival baking there dogs with Jack Daniels a soft bun with and a great sauce!

Check out his FACEBOOK HERE

I ended of with a little sweet treat from the Koekela bakery located at the “Binnenweg” in Rotterdam.
I got 2 pieces of carrot cake for me and my boyfriend to enjoy later in the evening.

If you are in Rotterdam, take the time to go to this bakery for a tea and a large selection of pies and cookies to choose from and also take a few on the go.

I can tell you that I’ve spend a good amount of my salary to this addicting bakery!.

Rotterdamse Kost was amazing and tasty.

I have seen a bit more of what restaurants I can find in Rotterdam and gave me a good preview of what food to expect, and all of this under the pleasure of live music and live demonstrations
The people seem to have a great time, I had a great time so I’m certain you would too.

The second edition was amazing, and well organized by the team!

I’m looking forward  to next year!

SHOP TIP || It's gets better and better.. LODINATT

I was so happy when receiving my new Work bag from Lodinatt!

You must remember my previous kudos and love for Lodinat’s double compartment bags.

They have created several models of their 2-level bag collection and this is their latest creation.

They come in the Navy/Red and White/Navy color which I have received.

Just as the previous models, this bag is also made out of good quality material and feels as if it can take a punch of two. I find this very important because I don’t want to have a broken handle emergency or ripped zippers.

No, Lodinatt bags have never dissappointed me and have always received nice comments about it.
 Another goof factor is that the bag can be carried in 3 different ways!

You can choose to wear the bag as backpack which I do when I go out for a walk or chill day in the park, or as shoulder bag which looks just as classy as it is casual for work and appointments.
The bag has 1 hidden pocket in the front which is perfect for my keys and transport cards, it has enough space for my travel laptop, my EC planner cables as more I could wish for!

I still love the separate lower zipper compartment where you store some heavy stuff like a camera, make-up bag or YES your shoes ladies!

Have a look on the Lodinatt website or be inspired by other cool bloggers who rock this must have bag on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

REVIEW || Dopper Foundation ... The message is in the bottle!

Hi Beauty's!

I have posted about charity before and this time I have yet again been introduced to something amazing!

I have been introduced to a company named Dopper.

Dopper is based in the Netherlands and has created an .. Water bottle which also has a build cup.

Dopper delivers great work in Africa by doing drinking water projects.

A per
centage of % of all sales go to these projects, which I think is a great donation.

For us it's hard to imagine that simple water from the tab can be so rare on the other side of the world.

Let me show you there amazing bottles and maybe convince you to get one of your own!

Look & Feel:

The bottle is made of plastic and is therefore light and easy to take with with you on to go!

They have different colors to choose from and also offer personalized ones for companies.
** They also have a Steel version, that you absolutely need to see as well!

How to use:

You either fill the bottle and drink by removing the cap or you can screw off the white part, giving you a handy drinking cup!


For €15 / $25 you can purchase yourself a cool looking bottle and contribute to Dopper's AMAZING foundation!!

What else?

Well Dopper also developed an amazing app that allows you to find free drinking water locations around the world. From drinking fountains in Barcelona to restaurants in San Francisco, from shops to offices and private residences around the corner where you can fill up your bottle for free!

I personally find that very interesting and very cool idea!

After this you absolutely got to pay a visit to the Dopper store and spread to word and remember that the
message is in the bottle!


Wait there's a little surprise the DOPPER team has send me 2 bottles to give to you

so checkout the CONTEST page and enter this giveaway for a good cause!

WEB STORE TIP || Get your Dress on at Victorias Dresses!

Hi Lovely's!

Happy Friday to you all!

Remember that I mentioned Victoriasdress before?

I stumbled upon this website a couple of months ago when I was looking for a nice party dress for events I had coming.

I was in need of their help again when needing a new dress for special party of one of my friends.

I know that some might already know this nice website but for those new on TFM here’s a little introduction;   

If  are need like me for a special occasion dress, prom or even a wedding the victoriasdress is the right address!

victoriasdress has a wide selection of wedding, prom, party and celebrity dresses in different shapes and details such as long prom dresses, beaded dresses and sexy evening dresses and last but not least Cocktail dresses you absolutely need to take a peak at.

They are located in the UK but sell throughout the world from their website.

The last time I checked their collection I was in love with their celebrity dresses and made my selection there.

This time I needed a long but sexy dress and I absolutely found more than I was looking for.

Checkout a few of my favorites here:

 I just find this dress sparkly and love the sheer sleeves!
I also find the color very nice and doesn't draw to much attention.

 This fab a-line halter dress will make heads turn on every party
I really like the sexy side-split and yes,yes the sparkles on top!

This dress is beautiful, I absolutely love the details on this dress
and the nice dark blue color.

Fast Customer Service

As mentioned before they have a super-fast customer service and the option to use chat to ask quick questions regarding your order and actually anything.

Lot's of sales and discounts!

One of the things I noticed is that Victoria Dresses has a lot of discounts and sales which gives you the chance to get these cute dresses for an even better price so hop over to their site and expand your dress collection!

Take a look at their website:

TECH CHAT: Calypso Tag for traveling

Beauties and Techies!

Also always on to Go?

I have few trips planned and needed to get my gear on so I started to be on the lookout for traveling tips and gadgets.

I was introduced to a brand named Calypso Crystal which is a great innovative company located in Slovenia.


I was introduced to a brand named Calypso Crystal which is a great innovative company located in Slovenia.

What makes Calypso standout of the crowd is that they create leather Ipad/Iphone cases which can be used in combination with their Calypso Ring to open doors and  access your apartment. Another one of their clever and cool inventions is the Calypso Tag.

These colorful travel tags are made of quality leather and have the unique feature to send out your bag or suitcase location within a 60 meter radius.
The tag contains a white chip named Chipolo which allows you to also to track your luggage and saves the last location when it is out of range. As soon as it comes close you will get a notification on your phone ( if you download the app) and counts the distance until you see your bag coming in!

The battery in the chip lasts for about 6 months and can also be replaced.

How handy is the Calypso Tag for your upcoming vacation or business trip?!
I absolutely find this tag amazing and a great gadget for those who travel often!

Take a glance at Calypso's other wonderful products


FIT & FAB || Wooly Mammoth Water bottle by Hydrapak


Hope you are well!

I recently got more into eating healthy and here we go, working out!

Yes this chips and dip eating game nerd is stepping away from her Xbox and is starting to move more with her entire body than just my fingers.

I wanted to start looking for functional and fashionable workout gear, so I started with looking for a water bottle first.

Ofcourse I could get a regular one at the local sport stores but since the grass always looks greener on the other side I browsed over the world and looked around.

I stumbled upon a great brand named Hydrapak which offers various water bottles such as the Gelbot which is used to seperately store and mix your sportsgel with water. I got their latest bottle named  Wooley Mammoth and I absolutely love it!

It's super light weight and keeps my ice water cold enough to last my entire workout.
When I look inside the bottle I see sort of a fabric material of which I'm sure keeps everything cold for a good period of time.

The Wooly Mammoth bottle can be purchased for a very good price on the website of HYDRAPAK

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