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Ever dreamed of having a huge slide, attached to your bed when you were younger?
Or maybe a bed in the shape of a large castle?

It might be a bit to late to transform your bedroom into a princess paradise or pirate island, but we can always get more creative in decorting the bedrooms of our little ones with amazing items.

TFM has been looking around for bedroom inspirations and stubled upon these amazing bed designs and fantasy bedroom intiror.

These days just a pink or blue bedroom isn't enough to create a true "Princess" like fairy tail bedroom.

We have  been looking for amazing decoration ideas for your little ones. 
Fantasy Coach Bed
 English Tutor House Bed
 Light House Bed
 Sailing Ship Bed
Tools of Trade Bed
 Fashionista's Runway Bed
 Deep Space Fighter Bed
Vintage Race Car Bed
Fairest Princess of all Bed


  1. Omg if I was a kid I will want the carriage room perfect selection. Have a great weekend. New post you might find interesting.

  2. cute!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! I would have given anything to have that Coach one when I was young.

  4. Marvelous ideas !! The Deep Space Fighter bed is stunning and I love the light house bed !

  5. cute!!!


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