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On one of my recent visits to hair dresser Dani she styled my hair with some sort of straightener which blew steam through my hair. After the quickest styling ever, I asked her about and she told me that she used Loreal's steampod.

** quick picture before styled it with the Steampod 2 days before.

I never heard about it before but was amazed by the effect it had on black hair. Since my hair got perfectly straight in 15 minutes I could already amazing the effect it would have on other hair types.

I have so many straighteners and curling irons that I thought that this might be the device that would be able to replace them.

How to use:

I filled the pot with mineral water and waited about 5 min, I squeezed the end together and held it for 2 more min before the steam began the come out. Although the reservoir looks small it's more than enough to do my entire hair.

The arrows on the straightener shows you to hold it, keeping the steam from your face.

I used the products that come along with the Steampod but I have also used my other protection products as well.

These products will blend in your hair while being pressed by the steam. After 1-2 times it leaves you with straight, soft, silky and lovely smelling hair!

Look & Feel:

 * Steampod is pretty large of size but is still easy to hold and use to make curls if needed.

*  From here steam is being blown trough your hair as you press down.

     * Holding the Straightener down as the arrow instruct.
* When switched on the temperature can be set from 170 to 210°C 

  * The container holds enough water to last me at least 3 times.


The steampod might seem a bit expensive at first. I bought it for about 168 euros, but I knew it worth it because I've seen the effect it had on my own hair.


I really like the L'Oreal Steampod it styles my hair perfectly and remains straight for at least 2-3 days. Because it doesn't take a lot of strokes I also feel that I'm not damaging my hair as much as I do when using a normal straightener.

As I showed on the pictures above I only removed most of the bumps and waves in my hair with just 1 stroke!

I would definitely recommend that you give this great invention a place on your "Must Have" list!

Have you tried Loreal's Steampod before? and what's you favorite straightener?

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