REVIEW || Dopper Foundation ... The message is in the bottle!

Hi Beauty's!

I have posted about charity before and this time I have yet again been introduced to something amazing!

I have been introduced to a company named Dopper.

Dopper is based in the Netherlands and has created an .. Water bottle which also has a build cup.

Dopper delivers great work in Africa by doing drinking water projects.

A per
centage of % of all sales go to these projects, which I think is a great donation.

For us it's hard to imagine that simple water from the tab can be so rare on the other side of the world.

Let me show you there amazing bottles and maybe convince you to get one of your own!

Look & Feel:

The bottle is made of plastic and is therefore light and easy to take with with you on to go!

They have different colors to choose from and also offer personalized ones for companies.
** They also have a Steel version, that you absolutely need to see as well!

How to use:

You either fill the bottle and drink by removing the cap or you can screw off the white part, giving you a handy drinking cup!


For €15 / $25 you can purchase yourself a cool looking bottle and contribute to Dopper's AMAZING foundation!!

What else?

Well Dopper also developed an amazing app that allows you to find free drinking water locations around the world. From drinking fountains in Barcelona to restaurants in San Francisco, from shops to offices and private residences around the corner where you can fill up your bottle for free!

I personally find that very interesting and very cool idea!

After this you absolutely got to pay a visit to the Dopper store and spread to word and remember that the
message is in the bottle!


Wait there's a little surprise the DOPPER team has send me 2 bottles to give to you

so checkout the CONTEST page and enter this giveaway for a good cause!

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