SHOP TIP || Takko Fashion

I know I haven't posted in a while but don't worry there is so much more to come! I have been very busy in getting my first purchased house and can't wait to show you the results. But let's talk TAKKO first! I have been introduced to this lovely brand selling a very decent collection of clothing for men, woman and kids!

As some might remember I have a crush for anything knitted, so when I spotted this amazing blue knitted sweater I couldn't resist looking further into their collection and showing you my favorites! You will notice that the price are great compared to the very good quality of the products.

The sweater has a great and is warm enough for me compared to some knitted sweaters I have that seem much thinner. The bright blue color looks nice with my "all black everything" signature outfits, hey what can I say I'm just very into black. But I can always appreciate some color every now and then.

Takko even has a nice collection for the little ones.Since I have a baby nephew to baby-sit often I couldn't help myself to look at items for him and found a couple of items that are on my list for the "little" man.

See more items of the Takko Fashion  collection HERE

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