Maison Milkshake loves looking fabulous no matter where we are.
The counts for going to the gym or getting ready for a quick run around town.

I can spend hours browsing through sites and mix and matching the perfect workout looks 
and stumble upon great items every time.

I'm absolutely in love with the sport collection by Escada Sport
I also need to mention my latest crush on designer Yohji Yamamoto
With any of his unique pieces you can complete any outfit and make heads turn.

The materials are soft and light and can be styled perfectly as yoga outfit. A part from sport wear the collection also offers amazing dresses and blazers which are an absolute addition to your closet. 

TIP || Staying organized every week.

This particular trick I’m sharing with you today has been hugely successful for me, so I wanted to share it here and spread the love. It has really changed how my weeks start and helped me to be super organized and productive every week.

A very wise women once told me — Olivia of Own Strengh— that she keeps Mondays completely clear.

No meetings, no lunch dates with friends, no appointments.

Olivia uses Mondays to get a ton of work done so she can set herself up for success each week. As soon as she told me this, I adopted it immediately. I protect my Mondays as much as I can. Sometimes there is a call or meeting that is important enough for me to break my Monday rule, but I try to be firm. I love the feeling on Sunday night not worrying that I forgot about something for Monday, because there simply isn’t anything scheduled except things I need & want to work on — whether that’s blog posts for the week, writing and editing articles or blog posts for my lovely clients, strategic thinking, creative work, or fitness. I use Monday to take a fresh look at the things I need to focus on that week, figure out how I’m going to get them done, and get down to work.
I think that we can all agree that the one of the hardest things about being an entrepreneur is organizing your precious time. Over time you will start to learn what works best for you, but it’s a continual evolution. I’m constantly analyzing how I spend my time and how long things take for me to accomplish and if the things that take me so much time are worth doing, or could have someone else do them (of which the answer is often, yes).

If the Monday doesn’t work for you, just pick at least 1 day or maybe a half day to plan your appointments and get shit done!

Do you have one thing that really works for you when organizing yourself?

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