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Hi Lovelies!

Since the rise of the bodysuits last year I've been collecting them like crazy.

I really like how the bodysuit fits me like a charm especially because I'm quite thin and shirts and blouses due to my long arms always have to be a size up this is the perfect solution.

 I stumbled upon a great online store based in Rotterdam named NAN.

 NAN specializes in classic work wear for the everyday business woman. They have an amazing collection of bodysuits with Blouse look which I absolutely love.

Of course you can find bodysuits everywhere but I really like NAN's collection because they are absolutely part of the "classy-girl" family.

 The are made of good quality and will compliment your figure without looking to oversized Bodysuits like these are so nice with a pair of skinny jeans or tulle skirt.

 I have to admit that in the beginning toilet can be a bit annoying but hey at least it doesn't hurt to look pretty! NAN also offers a nice collection of blouses, suits and even machete buttons to complete your business outfit.

 Take a peek at NAN and take a look at their bodysuits. 

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