Get your "booty" on!


Before I start I must ask you ladies, are you a bootie, sneaker or perhaps a high-heels only kinda girl?

Personally I get around just fine wearing sneakers and ankle boots if I want to be lady-like....

I always seem to be attracted to the same colors and style.

By the way I only notice these things when I take a minute, or five to look left to right at my collection when I feel the sudden urge to buy shoes...

Looking at my collection one could absolutely say that I have a thing for studs. I only seem to have biker boots style booties and of course all-in black.

I just love to shop at SHUZ because they have a good explanation on the sizes which for me is good to know and absolutely saves the disappointment.

Shuz has 19 locations in the Netherlands and an online shop where I love to spend hours browsing through their collections and is the place to be for designer shoes, bags and accessories with labels like Adidas to snugg UGG's, Michael Kors, Gabor and so much more.

This time I broke the circle and I got these lovely ankle boots by Fred De La Bretoniere.
Since I have a size 11 I absolutely wanted to share my purchase with you as finding nice shoes is
always a bit of a challenge.

But thanks to SHUZ I can absolutely get by in this fashionable world with not ankle boots but also high heels!

I got some absolute must haves from Shuz that I will be sharing with you!



  1. Those are SO cute. Boots are a great way to get a little height without killing your feet, like you do in heels!

  2. Well done, those booties are so great! Kisses Janice! xo

  3. Super cool boots! :D

  4. Hello dear,
    you have such a fantastic blog!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know, it would be my pleasure!


I appreciate all your lovely messages and tips !

Thank you :)

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