FIT&FAB || Body&Fit shop MUST HAVES!

For a while, I have ditched my old go to shakes and have been trying out some products from Body&Fit Shop.

I see many different brands and checked out several reviews but I wanted to stay
To a product closer to home and wanted to try some of their products because, they have
Such a big variety of not only pre-workout shakes but also every day healthy products such as coconut butter spreads, protein snacks and so much more that is absolutely worth your time browsing through.

I think I spend at least an hour looking through their snacks only, collected a huge list of “Must Haves”, and have already tried several products you have to know about!
So definitely add some to your basket when getting some products


This is a product I badly wanted to try since I’ve read good stories about these supplements being good to increase your athletic performance. Since I’ve been working out we all get to a point that we start to see a difference but as time passes by and I guess you can say that I’m a bit impatient and asked my friend who is a personal trainer what supplements or other products I could use to increase the build-up of muscle.

He mentioned trying a Creatine powder and review after a few months and coming back after a about 3-4 months I haven’t notices a lot of difference yet but Creatine in general is a great supplement to use when being more focussed on the process of muscle build-up.

 Stay tuned for many more detailed product reviews from Body&Fit shop next week!

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