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As most bloggers know there is nothing more important than to meetup with people on events. Whether these people are bloggers or more important, people that can lead you to potential jobs and collaborations.

When I was just a blog newbie I remember being invited to events and meeting awesome people that could help to a higher level in the blogging business or someone that wanted to collaborate with me there is nothing more great than that but then the moment comes to exchange contact details I ended up having to write it down on the first paper I could find in my bag which I would loose by the time I got back home.

Also the hole thing of having to spell your name three times and repeated by the number doesn't really look that professional right?

So after a few of those blunders I made sure to always be stocked on some business cards for any occasion.

I do like to switch every now and then and this time I was due for a new set of cards and got some amazing business cards printed from

Drukbedrijf is a great place for getting your business cards printed for a good price.
The offer a good set of choices in what type of cards you want and if you want extra's such as hologram effects, UV coating and gold foil.

I also got some cool posters printed which I will show you in my next post!


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