H&M Is Going Green By Making Clothes Out Of Poop

Have you heard?

H&M wants to produce 100% sustainable clothing and sales and to achieve that objective, H & M busy finding good alternatives for fabric and production starting from 2040.
 The fashion chain has already invested heavily in sustainable materials and their 'Conscious' collection as the outcome. And now H & M has found a new, sustainable fabric, with something called "Poop Fabric. And yes, it is just that. Fabric poo.

'Poop Fabric' is a soft and sturdy fabric which is made of cow manure. Do not worry, it will not contain any crazy odors. But how do you get it done? It is believed the cellulose (tissue) from cattle manure, and makes a firm substance of this.The inventor of 'poop fabric' is the Eindhoven Jalila Essaidi, who prefer 'Mestic' calls. And that sounds a lot less dirty, right? We look forward to when we first clothes to buy that is made of fabric. Yay for sustainability!

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