TRAVEL || In this hotel you can have breakfast with real giraffes

when we heard about Giraffe Manor, we were immediately very excited. Why? This is a safari hotel in Kenya and one of the permanent residents are giraffes! What makes it even better is that they very often their long neck through the window will stabbing inside to eat a bite of your meal."The most fascinating thing about Giraffe Manor is its resident herd of Rothschild giraffe who visit May morning and evening," is therefore on the hotel website, Giraffe Minor is one of four hotels belonging to The Safari Collection.   ">Sala's Camp is a camp with luxury tents, Sasaab is close to the Buffalo Springs National Reserves where you can see among other wild animals and Solio Lodge is known for the breeding of rhinos, where you have so many of you see.

Well, go back to the Giraffe Manor, because that is of course our number one favorite. The site is also still the head of the friendly animals sometimes emerges through the window, hoping for a treat from the guests. This event is primarily a huge phenomenon on Instagram, and a lot of enthusiastic guests also share their experience in an Instagram snapshot.The tiny hotel has only 10 bedrooms, and its website states that every room has its own personality, paired with "elegant furnishings and art deco features." The breakfast is not the only time when you will encounter the animals, they sometimes visit through the windows of your bedroom. You can get some treats for the giraffes of the staff to carry them through the window. Because you have to obviously not just give your own snacks.

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