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Established in 2013, the Dopper Foundation is Dopper’s natural next step on the road to becoming a global force for good. Inspired by our previous work with Dutch non-profit Simavi in Nepal which brought clean drinking water facilities and sanitation to thousands of people, we realized the great power a business has to make the world a better place.

Safe, clean water and education

The Dopper foundation exists to bring clean water to those who need it and educate the public on matters of sanitation, water scarcity and waste management. Across the globe millions of people have little or no access to a steady source of clean drinking water. Hundreds of hours, weeks out of every year are spent searching for a basic commodity that most of take for granted. In Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, 11% of the population doesn't have access to safe and clean drinking water. Together, we can change that.

Your donation straight to Nepal

Dopper believes that with great water bottles comes great responsibility. Responsibility not just to the environment but to our fellow human beings as well. This why we've created The Dopper Foundation. 10% of all net proceeds from Dopper bottle sales are set aside for the foundation. The foundation also receives donations. Half of the foundation’s proceeds are used to create new sources of clean drinking water and providing sanitation education to rural families in developing countries. For the last three years Dopper has brought safe drinking water to thousands of people across the globe- and we're just getting started.

Dopper Water & Waste Academy

The other half of all the foundation’s proceeds is allocated to the Dopper Water & Waste Academy, as well as public events to expand the awareness of Dopper’s mission. The Academy’s primary purpose to inform and educate the next generation of Americans on the impact of plastic waste. Our children will be the future politicians, business leaders and idea makers; equipped with the knowledge of how waste works, they may one day give us even more innovative and ground-breaking solutions to disposing of our disposable dependence.

Get involved!

Learn more about our programs, partners and efforts through the links below. Or you can join the cause by ordering your own Dopper bottle.


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