PR Services

Milkshake ltd. specializes in Luxury Lifestyle Management services dedicated to corporate companies and clients with the very best in Lifestyle Management services. Regardless of the industry you are in, your location or your lifestyle we are ready to assist with your requests. Time is your most valuable asset, we work to maximise the time you have for the things that you enjoy most, or that require your full attention. We are here to fulfil your wants and needs at home, at work or abroad. Saving you time and enhancing your lifestyle is our main priority and we are dedicated to providing the Luxury Lifestyle that you desire.

A-La-Carte Services

We offer a wide range of quality and experience based a-la-carte services for clients with unique, short term or one-time only needs.
Live Events & Productions                   TraditionalPR/Writing             Professional/Consulting
  • Meet & Greets                                          • Press Releases                                 • Minority Engagement
  • Artist & Talent Hospitality                  • Media Relations                              • Public Image Consulting
  • Tour Planning & Mgt.                           • One Sheets                                       • Online Image Consulting
  • Publicity Events                                       • Social Media Mgt.                          • Speaking Engagements
  • Grand Openings                                     • Media Kits                                         • PR Counsel & Advising
  • Talent Booking                                        • Brochures/Pamphlets                    • Strategic PR Planning
  • Customer Engagement                          • Blog/Newsletter/Email
  • Film Screenings                                      • Biographies
  • Charity Events
  • Pop-up Shops
  • Fan Engagement Experiences

Our Values -
At the core of Milkshake PR is a value set that creates the very best outcomes for clients and a rewarding environment where our people thrive.

Love what you do. Period.
  • Treat every new challenge as an opportunity to smash the mold with creative thinking.
  • Be relentless in the pursuit of results.
  • Recognize that relationships are everything – invest the time and play for the long-term.
  • Be collaborative with each other, clients and clients’ partners.
  • Always add value.

Our Mission -

Milkshake PR’s main concern is to administer professional services to our clients in an effort to promote the longevity of a positive public image. We assist our clients by capturing and nurturing their image through our services which include public relations, community outreach, crisis management, event planning, consumer marketing, corporate communications, public affairs, and entertainment.

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